What Is Toxic Masculinity? Know Symptoms And Causes To Tackle This Issue

Toxic masculinity can be caused because of many factors, here are symptoms and conditions affecting it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 28, 2022Updated at: May 28, 2022
What Is Toxic Masculinity? Know Symptoms And Causes To Tackle This Issue

Nobody likes toxic environment nor toxic people around them. But we all with agree to the fact that some people, particularly men have this self-ego and character thinking them to be bossy all the time. If you have experienced this, then this article is for you. This article will talk about symptoms that could tell you if you have toxic masculinity character. This term is used in case when a person has negative traits that exaggerate masculine traits. This has been quite in use from the previous decade so neutralize this masculinity. Check the symptoms below in order to tackle this problem and have a better lifestyle.  

How Does Toxic Masculinity Affect You?

Toxic masculinity can have more than one meaning depending on the individual. It becomes hard to tackle this because the person who is acting so masculine does not realize that there is wrong with their behavior. The concept that underlines traditional masculinity can affect your mental health as well. The person who is involved in this has some particular symptoms that could be challenging and cause archaic thinking. Toxic masculinity is also affected because of outdated methods and values that give men extra power over other people.  


Traits of Toxic Masculinity 

Toxic masculinity is based on some general characteristics, namely- 

  1. Strength  
  2. Lack of emotion 
  3. Dominance 
  4. Sexual virility 
  5. Self-sufficiency 

A male person who does not display enough these qualities cannot be said as a male. This is what is the basic perception that men have who have this problem of toxic masculinity. They are often unable to tolerate their partners, wife, girlfriends, or colleagues to give them advice or suggestion. They try to be controlling at all times and dominate wherever they are working or staying. 

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Symptoms of Toxic Masculinity 

People that have problem of toxic masculinity often have some symptoms that are very specific to themselves. Here are some symptoms that can help you determine a person that is has toxic masculinity issues. 

  • Getting aggressive at most times, even at simplest things 
  • Sexual aggression or control 
  • Showing no emotion or suppressing them 
  • Hyper-competitiveness 
  • Isolation  
  • Usually dominating or controlling others 
  • Do not have empathy or very low empathy 
  • Entitlement  
  • Chauvinism and sexism 
  • Tendency to glorify violence 

This can also be related with manning up. ‘Man up’ is usually said to men that have lower emotional resilience or stability. It could be damaging behavior in men and could cause problematic attitude towards other people, especially women around them. 


What causes Toxic Masculinity? 

This is not something which you develop instantly. Toxic masculinity can be caused because of combination of behaviors or factors. Here are some things that influence and cause a person to become toxic masculinity. 

Age of the person- Usually people are more aggressive or fall for this in their young age.   

Race- It might also depend on the physical structure of the person. 

Class- belonging to the upper class might give men feeling of being on the upper edge. 

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Culture- The way you have been brough up tells a lot about how you see other people. If there is cultural diversion which makes you feel dominant, then it can cause toxic masculinity.  

Sexuality- Males always have this more rigid, dominant attitude which could cause sexual differences. 

Religion- Particularly in India, where religious beliefs play such an important role, it might be possible that some of them have a more rigid system that influence men to be develop toxic masculinity.  

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