Mother’s Day 2022: Importance Of Mother’s Mental Health, How It Impacts Children

Mental health of mothers are often neglected, here are some ways that could help improve it & how poor mental health of mothers could impact children

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 07, 2022Updated at: May 07, 2022
Mother’s Day 2022: Importance Of Mother’s Mental Health, How It Impacts Children

Mothers have a lot on their plate and whether be it office work or household chores, a mother balance it all perfectly. Motherhood is not easy, especially in the earlier phases where children are fussy and they need to whole attention of parents. On account of Mother’s Day, we thought to carry a very crucial topic for your awareness that is mental health of mothers and its effect on their children. If mother’s mental health is not good, then it will impact in the behavior of the child as well. Today, let us know about mental health aspect of mothers and how can it be resolved.  

Mental Health in Mothers 

According to most of the surveys, it is found that one-third of the mothers have low or average mental health. They tend to suffer from anxiety, depression and anger. Respondents who have said that they do not engage in any recreational activities that could improve their mental health. Mothers are either too busy in their own stuff or by taking care of the household needs. This is especially very prominent in Indian Households. Around 70% of the women are not able to take time out for themselves and be in a self-care routine because they do not know where to begin with. 


All of this leads to poor mental health in mothers and there is no let out. As a result, the irritability factor increases and it affects their health as well as their family. Majority of people still do not realize the impact of poor mental health on their parents. Some people get chronic pain, or headaches and even cold at times. This could be actually related to anxiety, depression and trauma.  

Tips to Improve Mental Health of Mothers 

Since only 34% of women are able to give time to their mental health, that too once in a month. It is important to find out some healthy and easy ways that mothers could apply in order to improve their mental health status. The journey to improve your mental health does not have to take a toll on other things you are doing. There are just small changes that you need to make in your lifestyle in order to improve your mental health and reduce anxiety, depression and stress. 

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1. Carve out small mental health breaks through the day 

It might not be possible for mothers to take a full day out in terms of mental health day, but small breaks can actually help. It might sound easy, but it could be very overwhelming. Taking out short breaks between work or preparing food could actually regain your mental health and lower down the stress levels. You might go out for a walk in the evening, or just chat around with your friends, which could be very helpful.  

2. Participate in recreational activities 

This step is very important because you need to cut down those crime and dramatic thrillers. They are far from reality and can impact your mental health. Instead of those, you should focus recreational and restoring activities. Do something that you always loved, for example reading, or listening to music, dancing, painting, etc. It could be very therapeutic for mothers and can ease their living conditions. Mothers can also try the following things- 

  • Stretching  
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Yoga 
  • Sleeping in 
  • Taking a long bath 
  • Going for walk around the block 


How does Poor Mental Health of Mother Affects Children? 

If the mother is not feeling well in her mind, then it will impact her behavior. Most often it leads to irritation and fussiness. This is observed by the children and can impact their mental health, behavior and functions as well.  

1. They may have defiant behavior and do not listen to their parents properly. They may seek opposite of what is being told to them. 

2. It might be possible that due to poor mental health of the mother, she might lose her temper often because of which it affects children. In this, children lose their self-confidence and personality.  

3. Children might start blaming others for their mistake or do not comply on their own wrong doings. 

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4. Children might start arguing constantly to their parents and with other adults on small things. This could make them lose their temper fast that could go a long way in their life.  

5. Antagonizing other or becoming easily annoyed by the actions or other people around them. This could create a virtual distance from others. 

6. Mothers' mental health can also impact cognitive development of the child. It is possible that his studies could be affected and can lead him to attention deficit disorder as well. 

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