Top 10 Anti-Abortion Facts

Women should think twice before getting an abortion. It not only impacts the woman psychologically, but may pose various medical threats.

Tilottama Chatterjee
PregnancyWritten by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: May 31, 2011
Top 10 Anti-Abortion Facts

Abortion is the process in which a foetus growing and developing inside the mother’s womb is removed. Arguments for and against abortion are many, and a number of points come up in the abortion debate.

anti-abortion factsBut while keeping in mind different situations and circumstances, it is a fact that abortion is an act of violence against the unborn child.


The following are some of the Anti–Abortion Facts:

  • Since life begins at the time of conception, abortion amounts to murder; and no civilised society permits one human being to take the life of another without being punished for it.
  • An abortion may cause medical complications later in life. The chance of a miscarriage, and  of pelvic inflammatory diseases increase. Also,  the risk of ectopic pregnancies becomes twice as much.
  • In the instances of rape and incest, it can be ensured, that with proper medical care the victim will not get pregnant. It is important that the perpetrator of this crime is punished, and not the unborn child.
  • It is totally immoral to use abortion as another form of contraceptive.
  • Abortion is often chosen by a large number of young, unwed mothers and minors. Understandably, their life experiences are minimal and many of them may have lifelong regrets.
  • There are many women who want complete control of their bodies, and an accidental, unwanted pregnancy would mean an abortion. Such women should practice control in preventing pregnancy in the first place by responsible use of contraceptives.
  • The psychological effects of an abortion are sometimes far reaching and may cause undue distress to the woman.
  • Although it is not proven, there is indication that abortion raises the risks of breast, uterine and cervical cancer in a woman.
  • A huge percentage of abortions taking place in the world every day are illegal. Such illegal abortions are generally practised in unhygienic conditions and may cause infection and other health hazards to the mother.
  • In terms of economy, abortion has a negative effect on future growth of a country. Moreover, since many taxpayers are against abortion, it is morally wrong to use tax money to fund abortion.

Here are some more Facts about Abortion, based on Statistics:

  • Worldwide, approximately 42 million women have an abortion per year. Per day, this figure is approximately 115,000.
  • 83% abortions happen in developing countries and 17% in developed countries.
  • In the United States, 52% of the women going in for abortion are less than 25 years of age. 32% of the abortions are obtained by women in the age group of 20 – 24. Teenagers account for about 15% and girls less than 15 years, about 1%.
  • As far as the reasons for having an abortion are concerned, 1% of all abortions happen because of rape or incest, 6% because of health problems of the mother or the child or both, and the remaining 93% for social reasons (i.e a child is unwanted or inconvenient).


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