Top 7 Ways to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

Is your hair healthy? Here are seven ways to test the health of your hair and find out if you need to improve your hair care routine or not

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Feb 10, 2020 16:50 IST
Top 7 Ways to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

Do you think your hair is healthy? Most of us are concerned about our mane as even a small issue like hair fall could turn into baldness within no time considering harsh environmental conditions. Dirt, dust and pollution are the biggest enemies of our hair and skin. One must keep their hair covered to secure them from these damaging elements. Also, proper hair care is a must. Other than that, how can you test if your hair is healthy? Here is a checklist to find out how healthy is your hair. The more points, the healthier the hair. Let us begin.

No Dandruff!


Check your scalp for any trace of dandruff. This one problem is the root cause of all other hair-related problems. The flaky scalp is the result of yeast or fungus that gets deposited on the scalp. If you don’t see white flakes on your shoulder, your hair is in good condition. 

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Your hair texture is smooth


Not in the case of curly hair though! Run your fingers through your hair. If your fingers run smoothly from head to end, your hair texture is smooth. Soft hair is a sign of healthy hair. Whenever hair health deteriorates, hair becomes dry and brittle. People with long hair especially should perform this one to see if their tresses need to care more or they are good already. The feel of your locks would tell you itself.

The shine is intact

Even if people who have rough hair since forever, there is some sort of natural shine to it which should be maintained. Dullness is the primary sign of damaged hair but it can be timely fixed with regular oiling and conditioning. 

A little or no hair breakage


One broke hair breaks our hearts a thousand pieces. If you don’t have frequent encounters with hair breakage, you are blessed with the best hair! To test the, just pull your hair with a light hand. If it breaks, you need to focus on your hair care regime. If it doesn’t break but stays strong, your hair is absolutely healthy.

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Minimal hair loss

Check your pillow after waking up, do you see one or two hair on your pillow? Or check your comb for any hair strand stuck in its teeth. If the answer to both of these questions is a NO, your hair is safe. Hair shedding is normal only if it isn’t happening in excess. As per hair experts, shredding of 80 strands a day is normal!

Your hair withstand humidity


Humid weather is testing time for hair as it makes your hair frizzy. If your hair doesn’t get affected by the climate conditions and retain its natural texture, they qualify the health test.

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Your hair repels water

Take a water bowl and place 2-3 hair strands in it. If your hair floats, they are healthy and cannot absorb water. If they sink, this shows that your hair is porous and needs to be treated.

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