Winter Hair Care: Hair Expert Ritu Deswal Tells All About Winter Hair Care

Winter means dry and lifeless hair. These tips are sure to help your curls look awesome without heading to a salon

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jan 16, 2020Updated at: Jan 16, 2020
Winter Hair Care: Hair Expert Ritu Deswal Tells All About Winter Hair Care

Beautiful and healthy shiny hair always leaves a good impression, which is the real reason why proper hair care is important. Good hair health can be achieved by having a healthy lifestyle that also leads to good and quality hair growth. To have a healthy, strong and beautiful shiny hair, one needs to know how to care daily. Especially in winters, when the hair needs extra care, it essential to follow some simple hair care tips to avoid the need of going to an expensive salon every time. Hence, to help deal with winter hair woes, Hair expert Ritu Deswal, Founder, Style’ N’ Scissors salon tells us everything about basic winter haircare:

Wash less


Everybody’s scalp produces its natural hair oil that helps to keep in maintaining the smooth and moisturized hair and prevents hair from breakage. Excessive washing of hair leads to the stripping of natural oils and can lead to dry and brittle hair. Hence, one should avoid washing their hair every day in winters to avoid an excessively dry scalp. Also, always apply a conditioner after shampoo.

Trim regularly


It is usually advised to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to promote hair growth and to keep your hair healthy. Split ends make the hair look unhealthy and neglected, which is caused by combing and regular usage of hair styling tools. Therefore, it is best to trim the hair once every 6-8 weeks to maintain strong and healthy hair.

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Apply to leave-in conditioner


A leave-in conditioner is mainly used to add an extra condition to the hair and to provide the locks with much-needed moisture and softness. Leave-in conditioner usually comes in several forms, like liquids, creams, and sprays. Using lightweight formulas can be used on dry hair in between washes to restore lost natural moisture and give manageability to hair. Do not forget to read the label before applying any conditioner as some ingredients might not suit your tresses and may even lead to oil breakouts in the scalp.

Apply a pre-styling product

It is very important to use pre-styling products before any heat styling as it acts as a protective barrier from getting the hair damaged, and it becomes easier to achieve the desired hairstyle. This is because most people prefer drying their hair before stepping out of the house to avoid winter chills. Hence, before using any heating appliance, a pre-styling product is essential to avoid any extra damage to the hair.

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Use hair wraps


Hair wraps after hair wash reduces the damage to the hair that is usually caused by regular towel wraps, also hair that is aggressively tied and tugged result in tangled hair. So, to keep the hair looking healthy and best for a longer period, hair wraps are very useful. Make sure that you are gentle on your hair and do not comb rigorously. One should comb the hair first from the end of the tresses and then slowly move towards the upward. This ensures that all tangles are carefully taken care off before heading towards the crown area for combing.

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