5 Tips To Improve Your Memory And Sharpen Mind

Simple daily lifestyle tips can help in improving your memory and sharpening mind. Here's what the expert says. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 16, 2022 10:35 IST
 5 Tips To Improve Your Memory And Sharpen Mind

A few changes in our recollection and memory powers, like a missed appointment or forgetting a familiar name, are common indicators of ageing. These are a result of the changing function and structure of the brain, similar to wear and tear. Though minor, the decrease in our abilities can be quite exasperating in everyday life. Thanks to a ton of research, improving your memory and sharpening your mind are just within your reach. OnlyMyHealth editorial team spoke to Mr. Neeraj Sharma - Vice chairman- The Lexicon Group, to know about some tips to improve your memory and sharpen mind. 

Tips to improve memory 

Here are a few simple ways that can enrich and enhance your mental capacities

1. Physical Activity

Keeping your body engaged is vital to ensure cognitive improvement. Being physically active can include engaging in various activities like full-blown workouts, yoga, cardio or small bouts of activities during the day like jogging, meditation or walking, depending on your preferences. Physical activity is known to help in better oxygenation and improved blood flow to the brain, which aids in its functioning. 

2. Mental Exercises

It is crucial to understand that the human brain is similar to our muscles in acquiring strength. The more we work, the stronger our brain becomes. So, challenging your mind by learning a new language, picking a new musical instrument to learn, and even acquiring a new skill or hobby is a great way to enhance and improve your cognitive skills. Even playing games like crossword, sudoku etc., that work on problem-solving, critical thinking or the repeat and retrieve principle can make for fantastic mental exercises that improve memory and sharpen your mind. 

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3. Using tools 

Using tools like Mind Palace, Mnemonic devices, acronyms or abbreviations when acquiring new information can help you store and retrieve more efficiently. Mind Palace, a.k.a method of Loci, revolves around the principle that we are great at remembering familiar places. It involves visualizing a space we are familiar with, adding details, and associating different aspects of that space with the things we want to memorize. Much like you know where you keep the important notes on your green board. Mnemonics, Acronyms and abbreviations are a few other tools that also make retention and retrieval easy. 

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4. Relate information 

Relate the new information you gather to things you already know. Establishing a relationship between any new information you are acquiring and information stored in your memory helps improve recollection and retention. Taking the time to analyse how this information relates to what you have learned before also gives you the time to understand the concept in depth and sharpens your mind. Remember, the focus should be on understanding, not gathering and storing information. 

5. Use all your senses 

It is amazing how a familiar scent or song can remind us of some dish, our friends or simply trigger a distant memory we thought we had forgotten. The more the number of senses utilised when learning something new or experiencing something new, the easier it is to recollect. This is because it involves your brain much more than when only one sense is engaged. So even while studying, students should read, visualize the concepts, and write to improve understanding and retention.