Tips on personality enhancement by Ratna Khemani

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Jan 17, 2011

Ratna Khemani shares a few tips on personality enhancement

  1. Do eat junk food, but also an equal amount of fruit and vegetables to make up for the nutritional loss, falling hair, chipped nails, bad skin, short attention span, depression can be a sign of a diet  deficiency., specially calcium.
  2. Do believe in yourself and in what you are doing- if you don't who will ? Be as close to nature as possible- eating behaving, talking, it's that much less effort
  3. Have a realistic goal and go about achieving it slowly and systematically. Don't expect  to be a superman/woman overnight,  in due course you can be.
  4. Be confident about yourself- that does not mean being aggressive, brash or loud. Be assertive when you are making a point and are sure of the facts.
  5. Discourage negativism and pessimism around you. Do not allow people to pull you down, and there are many such sorts, willing and able.
  6. Build up your own support system, like a hobby, a group of friends who do  meaningful activities, any game, music, dance, theatre. Alcohol and cigarettes just give you a false high and temporary boost, in fact a yo yo effect,  meaning ,a sudden swing up to the top of the world and a sudden swing  down to depression and despair, any physical form of activity can give you the same "high" , which lasts…just try it.
  7. Every problem has solution- if you look hard enough.
  8. Live life king-size. Life is for living, make it meaningful and purposeful Even G.D. Birla, with his millions., if given a choice, was willing to give it all up, if he could  be a  youth
  9. Do cultivate a simple form of exercise- a brisk walk, a jog around your house, all it needs is a pair of shoes ( you don't need Nike air or Reebok shoes for it, ordinary batas will do just as well) and a will to do it.
  10. Failures are really stepping-stones to success, It sounds  but it's true nevertheless, because it makes you work that much harder apart from giving you a valuable lesson.


—Ms Ratna Khemani

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