Tips on How to Date A Girl

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Aug 23, 2011

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Couple on coffe baar Getting ready for your first date ever? Wondering what impression will you make? Wondering if you are going to mess it up? This article is going to give you some very important tips on how to date a girl.

When you say you want to go out on a date with a girl, it is often to know the girl and understand your compatibility with her. The more you meet, the more you understand her and vice versa and the more likely it is that dating will culminate into a fine relationship. This makes dating the base of any relationship and hence it is vital that you understand how to date a girl. Bad dating might end a great relationship before it even starts. Mentioned below are pointers to date a girl and ways to avoid bad dates.


First Dates

  • Be punctual.
  • Choose a restaurant with great ambience and good food.
  • Offer to pick her up and drop her.
  • Compliment her; tell her she looks beautiful (. she must have spent a long time getting ready for you) and give her a bouquet of flowers.
  • Open the car door, restaurant door and pull a chair for her.
  • Be courteous to the hotel staff.
  • Do not allow her to pay.
  • Balance between talking to her and listening to her.
  • Kiss her if you feel that the moment is right and if you think it is appropriate to do so, do not force the kiss on her.


Subsequent Dates

  • Always be polite and courteous, don’t make her feel that you were polite only during the first few dates in order to impress her
  • Choose good movies to watch, go to the theater and go on picnics.
  • If she insists on paying, let her do so sometimes.
  • Try to be punctual always so that you maintain your good impression.
  • Take gifts for her; now you know what she likes, so surprise her with some thoughtful gift now and then.

Follow the above tips on how to date a girl in order to avoid bad dating. However, remember that you are dating to know the girl better, so make an effort and also ensure that you talk and let her know you better. If you want a good relationship to work out, you will need to work hard on your dates. With the help of these hints, date a girl properly, avoid bad dates and build a good relationship. All the best!





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