Tips to Deal with Bhang Hangovers

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Mar 18, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Drink a glass of lemon water to ease the hangover symptoms.
  • Have a glass of rose or jamine flavoured herbal tea.
  • Eat fibrous foods to find quick relief.
  • Do not take painkillers to cure the hangover headache.

Having bhang is an integral part of Holi celebrations in India. The herbal blend made from the buds and leaves of cannabis plant is enjoyed along with the festivities of smearing and drenching everyone with colour. Bhang is prepared with milk, dry fruits and spices along with the cannabis.

Downing a glass or two of bhang may be quintessential to a time unforgettable, but the hangover the next morning you wake up can be a helluva damper. But, that does not mean you should keep away from the hallucinatory herb, because we have got it sorted for you.

holi hangover treatment

Bow Down to the Good Old Lemon Water

This is one of the most common remedies for bhang hangover or any hangover for that matter. The idea is to rehydrate the system and there is nothing that does it better than lemon. Besides, it will restore all the salts in your body and prevent the formation of free radicals with the anti-oxidants and vitamin C present in it in abundance.

Trust Herbal Tea for Once

We know how much you adore the neighbourhood kaka’s frothy chai and how you are forever cynical about herbal tea, but for once, just for this one time, believe us and slit open that packet of herbal tea and see how it magically cures your hangover. Our best picks for bhang hangover? Jasmine or rose tea; these will kick the groggy feeling out with their anti-oxidant properties.

Grab the Fibre in the Food

Let the gujiya talk to your hand and arouse your horses to crave for fibrous food. There is a reason why fibrous foods are recommended to people who are going through physical desolation: they counter intoxication (like a boss) and thus, help in salvaging your brain from getting burnt in the fire.

tips to cure oli hangover

Try the Real Milkshake

Now, if the hangover does not settle with just a glass of milk or caffeine, take solace in milkshake because more than anything, you need a drink that replenishes dehydration. Banana will scare away nauseousness.

An Important Tip:Do not take Painkillers

Get this straight:the headache caused by hangover CANNOT be treated by taking an aspirin. It can actually be quite harmful, especially if you suffer from a medical condition.

If the hangover troubles you much, just take it easy and relax for a bit; your head may just be wanting some time off the noise and light. If it still doesn’t work, ah! “Bura na Mano Holi Hai (thi)”.


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