Tips on not to be an Annoying Airline Passenger

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Nov 21, 2011

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Tips on not to be an annoying airline passenger

If you are a frequent flyer or a restless passenger on board, here are a few tips on how to avoid being an annoying airline passenger. A long flight can easily get you bored and jittery. Read on to know how you can make your flight journeys more bearable:


  • Keep your tickets ready at the counter along with your identity card. Last minute fumbling inside your bag often annoys the people standing behind you. Memorize where you have kept your documents and hand them over instantly when asked. Remember that even you would not want to be queued behind a confused passenger!
  • Decide which luggage should be checked-in with the baggage. You should be prompt to pick your baggage tags. Keep one or two extra baggage tagshandy for emergency purposes.
  • It is annoying if you block the gate or stand out of turn. Avoid pushing your way through. You will be called when it is your turn.
  • People often ignore the safety rule demonstration given by the flight attendants. This is a malpractice. Even if you do not listen to it be courteous enough to look at the flight attendants while they are demonstrating.
  • While on board and seated properly, never recline your seat to an extent that would make the passenger behind you uncomfortable. If the person behind you is watching TV that is attached behind the chair, he/she might get annoyed. One must wait for the in-flight lights to be dimmed in the evening. Reclining the seat once the lights are dim is a good way of not becoming an annoying airline passenger.
  • It is always good to say “Excuse me” instead of pushing your way into the aisle or the washroom.
  • If you are drinking alcohol, set boundaries to the amount of alcohol intake and avoid talking loudly. Loud talkers often annoy the rest of the airline passengers. They have paid equally for the flight and would want a good night’s sleep!
  • Do not fling your hands and legs to an extent that makes the person next to you annoyed. Long flights are always uncomfortable but causing discomfort to other fellow passengers is  depriving one of his or her personal comfort. Remember to keep your hands or elbows within the armrest area.
  • Avoid yelling while attending a phone call. Calling your family members once the flight has landed and yelling out information to them is the most annoying thing one can do as an airline passenger.
  • In the flight, if you are stuck behind a long queue in the aisle, it is a good idea to wait patiently or remain seated until it is your turn. Remember that everybody is trying to get off the flight and no one wants to get trampled!
  • Never grab someone else’s bag while collecting your luggage. Muddles happen and it is best to avoid them by putting an identification tag on your luggage as soon as you have finished packing at home. This would also save  your check-out time at the airport.


With these handy tips, make yours and other’s journey more comfortable.


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