3 Prominent reasons why people upset you and what you can do about it

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Jul 28, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Some habits or behavioural traits in a person can be frustrating for others.
  • People usually do not even realize having hurt someone.
  • Understanding the reason behind their behaviour can help you fix the problem.
  • Letting go of such behaviour can harm your relationship with that person.

We have all wondered why some people who seem to love us end up hurting us. It is a question that we have all asked ourselves and have still not found an answer to. Psychoanalysts say that in almost all of such cases, there are three probable reasons for a person's objectionable or bothersome behaviour. And, they are as follows:


why people hurt


Lack of awareness

If someone is always late or changes plans at the last moment, the most common reason for such a behaviour could be the lack of awareness that people may find it frustrating. If a friend is on this list, express your feelings to establish awareness that you find this behaviour objectionable. If the friend is a good and understanding friend, he or she will be glad to make a behavioural adjustment to enhance your happiness in the friendship. Just inform and express your opinion to fix this lack of awareness in people who matter to you.


lack of concern


Lack of concern

Although, it is easy to fix problems caused by a lack of awareness, not all reasons are so easy to manage. Another reason for bothersome behaviour could be mere lack of concern. Sometimes, you may find a person who really does not care about your opinion or happiness in a relationship. The other person might say he or she will change, but in reality, he/she will hardly bring a change in the behaviour. When you are dealing with such a person, lower the bar of your expectations because otherwise, it will only disappoint you.


A legitimate inability to do things differently

In some cases, another person's objectionable behaviour can be sheer lack of ability to act differently due to reasons that he/she can't fight. Such reasons may be genetically based or marked by neurocognitive conditions such as autism, or struggle with ADHD, OCD complications. So, do not expect any change from their side, instead accept their weaknesses or conditions.


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