Gallbladder Problems: Things You Need To Know

Gallbladder stones cause severe abdominal pain and should be reported immediately.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Mar 14, 2023 16:04 IST
Gallbladder Problems: Things You Need To Know

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The gallbladder is an organ located near the liver that stores bile produced by the liver. Bile is a fluid produced in the liver that aids in digestion. Gallbladder problems can occur when the organ is affected by inflammation, infection, or obstruction.

Dr K. N. Srivastava, Director and Head of Department, General And Minimal Access Surgery, BLK Hospital, Delhi talked about the gallbladder problems that lead to its removal. 

Gallbladder Stones

A gallbladder stone is the most typical cause of it. Just five percent of instances are attributable to other factors, otherwise, gallstones are the most common reason for gallbladder removal. Gallstones are hard deposits of bile chemicals that can get lodged inside the gallbladder and biliary ducts. Gallbladder stones cause severe abdominal pain and should be reported immediately.

Gallbladder Infection

Gallbladder infection, or cholangitis, is caused by bacteria entering the organ. Symptoms of gallbladder infection include fever, chills, jaundice, and pain in the upper right abdomen. Treatment may include antibiotics, drainage of the gallbladder, or surgery.

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Gallbladder Cancer

When cancer develops in an organ, it is often removed as a treatment. As a result, gallbladder removal is also performed for gallbladder malignancy. It is extremely rare and difficult to detect in its early stages. It frequently has no discernible symptoms.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gallbladder Cancer

As per the American Cancer Society, the following are the signs and symptoms of gallbladder cancer. 

  • Abdominal pain
  • Lumps in belly
  • Jaundice

Some less common symptoms are:

  • Appetite loss
  • Weight reduction
  • The abdomen is swollen (belly)
  • Fever
  • Skin irritation
  • Dark coloured urine
  • Stools that are light in colour or greasy

Complications Of Gallbladder Problems

Gallbladder problems can lead to a variety of complications, some of which can be serious. The most common complication is biliary colic, which is a sudden and intense pain in the upper right side of the abdomen caused by gallstones blocking the flow of bile. Other complications that can arise from gallbladder problems include inflammation, infection, and pancreatitis. Gallstones can also cause complications if they accumulate in other parts of the body, such as the intestine or the bile ducts. This can lead to an infection and inflammation, as well as to a blockage in the bile ducts that can cause jaundice, abdominal pain, and fever. If a person experiences any of these symptoms, they should seek medical attention immediately. 

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Furthermore, gallbladder disorders might raise the chance of developing certain conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Individuals who have gallbladder disorders are also at risk of gallstone pancreatitis, a dangerous illness that can cause pancreatic inflammation.

If a person has any of the above symptoms, they should see their doctor as soon as possible to diagnose and treat the underlying condition. Treatment may involve a variety of options, including lifestyle modifications, medications, or surgery.