9 Things You Should Keep Handy To Deal With Seasonal Changes

If you are troubled with seasonal issues, you must read this article to find effective ways to get respite from them.

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9 Things You Should Keep Handy To Deal With Seasonal Changes

Change in season demands several changes in our habits and routine. The excitement to welcome new seasons comes with some pleasant and unpleasant surprises. As you get ready to welcome the good changes, you should gear up to deal with the negatives as well. To confront the situation requires us to be calmer and more composed, and everything needs to be managed proactively. Flu, cough and cold, sore throat can affect anyone if not taken proper care of. So, how to deal with it? Easy! By keeping a positive frame of mind and also keeping the essentials needed to deal with it. Here are some things that should be kept handy to deal with the seasonal changes.

Essentials that one should keep handy

Pain relievers:

Pain relievers are very important and must be a part of your medical kit. As it all starts with body aches so pain relievers will definitely help keep body aches at bay and make you feel better. However, avoid giving pain killers to children or taking them if you are suffering from some medical conditions like kidney disease or gastric ulcers. You must consult your doctor before taking painkillers.

Nasal sprays and balm: 

Decongestant nose sprays can be of great help as you may experience blockage of the nose due to cold. They can really make you feel better by decongesting your nose. You can also keep decongestant balm handy and rub it on the chest as it helps in opening the airways and make you feel better than before.

Sore throat Lozenges:

Sore throat Lozenges is an OTC medicine that provides quick relief from sore throat. Sore throat is a common symptom in case one catches a flu infection. Cofsils Lozenges is easily available in the market and comes in different flavors to choose from. Amylmetacresol and Dichlorobenzyl alcohol present in Cofsils lozenge kills bacteria and viruses associated with throat infections and also provides relief from the pain associated with sore throat.

Hand sanitizer:

The best way to keep your hands clean is to wash them with soap and water at regular intervals. But keeping a hand sanitizer is useful where there is no access to soap and water. Moreover, always sanitize your hands when you sneeze or cough. Even the people taking care of you should sanitize their hands after taking temperature, feeling the forehead or even after giving medicines. 


A thermometer is necessary when you are having temperature as it will help you to keep a check on it. Track your temperature at regular intervals. In case your temperature goes up you should consult the doctor immediately.


If you have caught a flu infection then it is important to maintain distance with people around so that they should not catch an infection from you. Thus, a mask can help in saving others from catching the infection. It covers your mouth and nose, so in case you sneeze or cough it will keep the germs to you and stop them from spreading. 


A humidifier can help in keeping the air moist by blowing tiny droplets of water into the air. It will ease stuffiness, or if you are experiencing a dry cough. It will also keep your airways moist and save you from discomfort. It is a very important tool as the virus is less likely to survive in moist air than in dry air.

Disinfectant spray:

It is important to keep the areas around you clean and germ-free. The flu is an airborne illness and the germs can travel from your nose and mouth through droplets in the air. So, it is important to clean the things and surfaces that are frequently touched to make them germ-free.


Tissues are necessary if you are suffering from flu as cough and runny nose can be common occurrences. To contain germs cover your nose and mouth with tissues while coughing or sneezing and throw them in a separate bin at once to avoid spreading of infection. Sanitize your hands immediately after that. 

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