The Post-Covid Symptoms And How They Must Be Treated

Post-covid symptoms are real! If you are also facing them, here is how you can get relief.

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The Post-Covid Symptoms And How They Must Be Treated

Covid-19 has been there for around two years now and people have become used to living with it. They know exactly how to cope with the situation, what are the do’s and don’ts when they catch the infection but what remains a question is how to cope with the post-covid symptoms as it can be mild for some but severe for others taking a toll on the mental as well as physical health.

There are some symptoms that can get better within some time but some stretch longer than expected. These symptoms linger on for a longer period and must be taken care of at the earliest

Some of the post-covid symptoms

  • Cough: You can have a persistent cough for up to 3 weeks from of being diagnosed.
  • Fatigue: You can experience fatigue that can make regular work difficult for you.
  • Brain fog: You may feel that focusing, thinking clearly or concentrating on things have become difficult.
  • Mental illness: Some may experience a feeling of anxiety, depression or extreme mood swings.
  • Sleep: Some find it difficult to sleep which make matters worse for them resulting in increased fatigue and other symptoms.
  • Hair loss: Hair loss is one symptom that is noticed even in children apart from elders.
  • Loss of taste and smell: Some people loss the sense of smell and taste which result in loss of appetite making them weaker.
  • Pain: Some people complain of joint pain and even chest pain after Covid.

These symptoms may remain longer in the case of older patients or patients who are already suffering from heart ailments, diabetes, hypertension, or other medical conditions. 

Primarily, in the first 2 waves, Covid affected the lungs but in more severe cases it coould also damage other organs like the heart, kidneys or even the brain..

How to treat post-covid symptoms?

When it comes to managing sore throat due to repeated coughing it is important to go with Cofsils Lozenges as it can prove to be really effective with the presence of Amylmetacresol and Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, a mild antiseptic used for killing bacteria and viruses linked with mouth and throat infection. The Cofsils syrups are also very effective in treating cough and will make you feel better. Moreover, never fail to keep yourself hydrated and take steam inhalation. Consult your physician if these symptoms persist.

  • If you have difficulty in sleeping then you can try sleeping on your right or left side and avoid sleeping on your back. This may help you in having a good sleep. 
  • To manage fatigue that can be chronic if it lasts for more than six weeks, you should take regular breaks between works, take time out for sleep breaks and also plan your tasks in advance. 
  • Quit smoking, if you really want to feel better in any way
  • To cope with stress, anxiety, or depression it is important to stay connected with people, take adequate rest, maintain a good diet, follow your hobbies, listen to music, and stay away from negativity. 
  • Continue doing exercises that may include walking or running, breathing exercises like Pranayam, self-awake proning, yoga, meditation or even chest exercises.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a must that must include energy-rich foods that are rich in carbohydrates like cereals, or bodybuilding foods that include pulses, dairy products, animal foods and protective food that boosts your immunity like the ones rich in vitamins and minerals.

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