7 Things You Need To Stop Doing For Healthy Breasts

7 lifestyle mistakes that we all have been making and ways to change them for better breast health.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Sep 18, 2021 12:30 IST
7 Things You Need To Stop Doing For Healthy Breasts

Breast is one such part of our body which only grabs our attention when it comes to look and appearance. Where we talk about the size and appearance of our breasts it is also important to ponder a thought upon breast health. With breast cancer being one of the most deadly and common diseases out there, it is high time that we start taking care of them by making some changes in our lifestyle and food habits. Here let us discuss 7 lifestyle mistakes that we all have been making and ways to change them for better breast health.

Things to avoid for better breast health

As by now we have understood that we need to take care of our breasts for more than cosmetic reasons, let’s take a deep dive into 7 things that you need to stop doing right away in order to get healthy breasts. 

1. Removing Nipple Hair

Using those pairs of tweezers to get rid of nipple hair? Well you gotta stop right away. The thin and delicate hair strands that occasionally grow around your nipples are due to the hormonal changes your body goes through. Removing these fine strands from the delicate breast area around your ipples is not just painful but can also damage the skin . 


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Not just this but plucking, shaving or waxing nipple hair can lead to conditions like ingrown hair, enlarged hair follicle, inflamed follicle and there are even some chances of developing infection and getting irritated skin during this process.

It is advised to leave your nipple hair as it is, as it happened due to hormonal changes which is a natural process. The hair strand will grow again and in order to get rid of it you might hurt yourself and damage the skin in that area. If you still can not resist yourself from plucking it out, the best and the safest method is to safely cut it close to the skin with a pair of scissors.

2. Nipple Piercing

A fashion trend which has gained a lot of popularity amongst the youngsters lately is nipple piercing. Getting the delicate and sensitive nipple skin pierced in order to try on some funky jewellery. Well this trend can be way more risky than you could possibly imagine. The pain, chances of excessive bleeding, damaged skin, nerve damage, infection, tetanus, HIV, hepatitis and there is so much more that can go wrong with this practice. 

Nipple piercing can take a lot of time to get healed and is not a very practical idea for a long run. It can be a problem if you  are someone trying to breastfeed as it can leave a scar around the tissues and even block the milk ducts and make it hard for the milk to come out. It is best to maintain a safe distance from these kinds of practices as it can be really really harmful not just for your breast health but can be an invitation for other fatal diseases too.

3. Smoking

Well even the cigarette packets read that smoking is injurious to health then it surely might have some serious side effects. Not just bad for your lungs but smoking can have some adverse effects on your breast health as well. Not just leading to cancers but smoking can also be the reason behind damaged skin tissues. The chemicals present in cigarettes are capable of destroying the in your body which makes the skin lose its elasticity. 


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Breast tissues are amongst the softest tissues in the human body, they can get damaged easily and cause your breasts to sag. Smoking is linked to the high risk of breast cancer amongst young women and it does not just limit to that but can be caused due to an exposure to heavy second- hand smoking.

4. Wrong Sleeping Posture

One thing that most women have been doing wrong for the longest time that has adverse effects on breast health is wrong sleeping posture. The worst position to sleep in that can not just stand the risk of breasts going out of shape but can cause some other complications as well is sleeping on your stomach. 

Pressing your chest against the mattress for long hours can be ally tough on your breast and can also cause your breast ligaments to stretch over time. The best and the safest sleeping position is to sleep on your back to avoid any such complications. 

5. Wearing wrong bra size

The bras are meant to support your breasts and that's what their primary function is. Wearing a bra which is not your size, unknowingly or in order to make your breasts more appealing can have consequences of its own. Wearing bras which are very tight and not your size can result in cuts, blisters and back pain. Not just this but if the bra you are wearing is too small for your size then it can cause discomfort to such an extent that it might result in an acute case of suffocation. 


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Make sure that you know your correct bra size and are wearing a shape that suits you the best, as it is very important to get a bra that is comfortable and supports your breasts well

6. Poor support while exercising

As it is important to wear the right size bra to support your breast throughout the day, it becomes even more important to wear the right type of bra while exercising. As exercise consists of repeated body movements that can strain the delicate and soft breast tissues which might result in permanent damage.


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It is important to invest in the right kind of bra if you are a fitness enthusiast and love exercising. Getting the right kind of support is really important for your breasts and especially when a lot of sudden movements are involved.

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7. Skipping on Moisturizer

It's high time that you know that moisturizing is not just important for your facial skin but for your whole body which includes your breasts. With the changing season and varying environment it is important to take care of your breasts as well as they get dried up too. Moisturizing, SPF and hydration is equally important for your breast and promotes good breast health.

Make sure that you add moisturization to your breast care routine in order to prevent scaly and dry skin and SPF to protect the delicate breast tissues from the harsh rays of the sun.

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