7 Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Back To Prevent Health Issues

Sleeping on your back can prevent many health issues. Know what the benefits of back sleeping are.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Aug 17, 2021Updated at: Aug 17, 2021
7 Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Back To Prevent Health Issues

Adequate sleep is important to stay healthy and active. There are many problems associated with distorted sleep and wrong sleeping habits. It can cause long term side-effects and health issues which can be troublesome. We often tend to sleep in our own comfortable position and regard it as good sleep. However, this is not always true, a correct sleeping position plays and important factor in determining health of a person. Sleeping on the back is regarded as one of the healthiest postures to sleep in and it has many health benefits. Today, we will look at some health benefits and reason you should sleep on your back instead of any other posture. 

Why to Sleep On Back?

Dr. Summet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow says that sleeping on the back decreases a host of problems from your body. He further explains that sleeping posture of a person determines the efficiency of systems to work during sleep which can decrease sleeping downwards or side-ways. There are some simple benefits which are easy for anyone to know the reason behind it.


1. It keeps you spine aligned, thus reducing problems related to spine deformities etc.

2. Reducing tension headaches, thus reducing stress and pressure

3. Reducing pressure and compression on the chest if laying on stomach, this means reducing the risk of heart issues or breathing problems

4. Relieving sinus build-up

5. Preventing wrinkles and irritation on face, thus preventing skin problems

Apart from all this one fatal problem which occurs in babies sometimes because of sleeping in irregular position is SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can also be reduced by choosing correct sleeping position. 

7 Benefits of Sleeping with Back Straight

1. Reduces Neck and Back Pain

Sleeping on your back reduces pressure on your neck and supports your spine. This makes the body straight and aligned because of which it becomes ideal to remain in that position for hours. Sleeping on your stomach makes you keep your head on the either side which compresses your spine because head position is tilted back. It also causes soreness. Thus it is better to sleep on your back which reduces chances of back pain, neck pain, strains etc. 

2. Improves Breathing

When you lie down straight on your back, you give your diaphragm proper space for ventilation and movement. While laying down on your stomach or side-ways, it crunches your breathing ability and muscle response. Hence it is always beneficial to lying on back while sleeping. According to study by American Journal Diaphragmatic breathing is important to reduce stress, improve mood of person and attention span. Sleeping on back also supports relaxation, improves sleep and increases nervous response in the body.


3. Reduces Pimples and Breakouts

Washing your face multiple times is said to be very important to prevent pimples and breakouts. This is because sleeping with keeping your face on the pillow allows skin to absorb bacteria and particles present on the skin which cause pimples and skin problems. Pillow cases absorb sebum from the skin and hairs which gets transferred if you sleep in any other position. Sleeping on your back reduces this problem and prevents problems such as-

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pimples
  • Redness
  • Irritation on skin

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4. Prevents Wrinkles and Lines

Sleeping with your face on the pillow also increases chances of getting wrinkles and lines on your skin quicker. This happens because while sleeping on the side or on stomach, pulls your skin and causes irritation which results in wrinkles. Keeping your face on the pillow allows friction to act between your skin and pillowcase. This also happens with the neck that gets tweaked sometimes while sleeping on your stomach. Back sleeping can resolve all these issues and prevent skin problems like wrinkles and lines as well.


5. Relieves Sinus Build-up

Sleeping on your back keeps your head elevated above your chest. This helps in giving relief from congestion and prevents clogging of nasal passage. Keeping you head at chest level or below it drains mucus to the nose and jams the passage which increases problem of sinus. Sleeping on your back helps drain the mucus away and clears your nostrils and air passage; this reduces sinus-build-up. This position also aids acid reflux problem because of the same reason. 

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6. Prevents Headaches

As in the case of neck and back, it also reduces pressure from your head and keeps it in stable position. This allows taking pressure and stress out of your head and prevents certain types of headaches. Headaches that are caused because of rooted cervical spine are relived by sleeping on your back. This pain starts from the neck and then moves towards the head. This can result to serious condition hence it is important to know about its symptoms. It causes-

  • Stiff neck
  • Pain near eye area
  • Pain in coughing or while sneezing
  • Light and noise sensitivity
  • Throbbing pain on one side of head
  • Blurry vision
  • Pinched nerves

By keeping your head, neck and spine in a neutral and straight alignment this problem can be eradicated. Doctors recommend sleeping on your back especially of you have this type of headache.


7. May Reduce Puffiness

Puffiness is a condition when the fluid goes to a particular side of the face. While waking up, you must have noticed having heavy face or eyes on one side of the face. This is caused because of fluid build-up that causes puffiness around the eyes which also results to swelling. This condition can be prevented if you sleep on the back as it will keep fluid steady and it won’t build-up on either side of the face. Back sleeping can also help you avoid bags and puffiness, and refreshes your body when you wake up.

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