Things that Will Make you Feel Really Old

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Feb 09, 2018
Quick Bites

  • The song "O Sanam" by Lucky Ali is 18 years old
  • The tape recorder is 128 years old
  • The floppy disk held about 1.44 MB of data
  • The Kargil War was fought 15 years ago

Are you enjoying your new college or the new white collar job? You may think this is just the beginning but reality begs to differ. You are perhaps half a life older than a lot of things that you held close to your heart when you were younger. The irony of being young is that even though you are just about in your 20s getting started with life, your memory is as old as 3/4th of the life that you have lived so far.

So, here is welcoming you to a black hole of memories that have been sucking time without you even realizing.

The Tsunami Happened about 10 years ago

If you are the 90s kid, you most probably would be in the 9th or 10th grade when the tsunami struck India’s coastline in the year 2004. The memory of watching TV and flipping news channels is as good as new but the truth is that it happened about a decade ago.

1 and 2 Rupees notes were Discontinued 19 Years Ago

These notes were a part of your treasured collection when you were younger, the note you exchanged for your favourite candy at the store. And, today you don’t see them so much that if you do spot one somewhere, you’d want to trade it for your wallet.

The Kargil War was fought 15 Years Ago

Most of the 90s kids do not remember Kargil so much as the movie on it that was released by the same name. Memories are still fresh from the time the war was on especially with grandparents telling war tales to the young folks.

The 18-year-old song “O-Sanam”

Lucky Ali’s superhit song “O Sanam” has never ticked itself out of the most popular Bollywood songs’ playlist. Not even after it has completed 18 years of being existent. You would find yourselves humming to it the next time it plays on the radio, reminiscing your summer afternoons during school days.

The Floppy Disk held about 1.44 MB of Data

Forget MB, storage devices today can store TB of data. There was a time when floppy disk drives were a common sight on CPUs, but today, they sleep in the corner of a room with discarded technology. You are lucky to have experimented with putting disk to the drive when you were younger.

The Tape Recorder is 128 Years old

Gone are the days when you had a tape recorder. Even though there are many other instruments to let you record your voice, today, there is nothing as good as the good old tape recorder. And, today it is dying a slow death by losing its space at stores and finding a seat in auctions and museums.

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