5 Things that will Set you Apart

We have compiled five things that will set you apart because we understand that being just like others is an unsettling thought and being different is a stressful one.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Office HealthWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Feb 20, 2012
5 Things that will Set you Apart

Things that will Set you ApartBeing just like others is an unsettling thought and being different is a stressful one. Being different, however, is rewarding and here are five things that promise the growth of a unique personality.


Make an eye contact


Whether you are trying to make an impact on a random person or trying to get out of an interview with an offer letter, make sure you make an eye contact with the person you are interfacing. Eye contact is an important means of nonverbal communication. One can easily draw the character sketch of a person by way of the eye contacts he or she makes. Making a direct eye contact helps one to communicate confidence and self-esteem: two qualities that everyone looks forward to in any individual.


Dress well


If you have wondered why women love shopping for new clothes, this is exactly why: dress gets your personality traits straight into the perception of passersby. In fact, ask yourself whether you would like someone, who is well dressed or someone, who is shoddy. If you choose the latter, it is time you get yourself checked in the category of men or women with no sense of good dressing or personality.


Enhance your existing skills


Being a better sport, indisputably, makes you better than the crowd. For instance, if you are good at communicating in English, make it even better. Enhancing existing communication skills helps one be a better sport in the field compared with the rest.


Improve listening skills


A majority of people are in the category of those, who care less about listening and more about being heard. This quality of being excessively vocal makes one less desired or even befriended because everybody wants to be heard and not be a listener, forever. Besides, being able to listen diversifies your experience in terms of meeting people, understanding them, learning how to be patient and more.


Improve mannerisms


If you are educated, behave like one. No one would like to dine with someone, who eats with his or her mouth open or someone, who cannot serve food without spilling on others. Considering that you will have to, at some point in life, sit with your boss and eat or go on a date, improve your table manners. Develop your body-language to one that is appealing and not disappointing.


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