These videos of Sushant Singh Rajput are redefining fitness goals

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Jan 13, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Sushant made a modest start with Television.
  • Now he is an established Bollywood actor.
  • He takes his fitness seriously and loves to workout.

Sushant Singh Rajput who made his humble start from a popular television show 'Pavitra Ristha' is taking the Bollywood by storm. With four films already to his credit, this young actor, took everyone by surprise when he decided to do a challenging role of depicting India’s caption cool M.S. Dhoni in his bio pic movie titled 'M.S. Dhoni: The untold story'. But the real surprise came after the release of the movie, as his outstanding performance made everyone realise of his excellent acting skills. It was not just his performances that his fans are going crazy about, he now has a near prefect physique to drool over. 


Sushant takes fitness very seriously now. And if you have even the slightest doubt, you should check out his Instagram feed once. His Instagram feed is full of amazing shots and candid moments, but there are couple of videos of Sushant exercising that can set new fitness goals for almost anyone. In the first video he seems to be working out early during a Monday morning and that's why the video also carries a suitable hashtag 'MondayMotivation'.

The video is the latest addition to his already awesome feed when I am writing this article and it has already got more than 73.9 k  views (nice! he really has a huge fan following). The perfectly timed 'slow-mo' video has Sushant doing a (almost impossible feet) improvised push up where is pushes his body off the ground after push up using his hands only and before his hands land back on the ground he completes three quick claps. He was smart enough to use a '#Triple #Clap #PushUp' hashtags trio for the video. If you are in search of an amazing motivational video that can get you going on a lazy Monday morning, you must watch this video.

#MondayMotivation ? #Triple #clap #pushups @sam.fitt

A video posted by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Nov 20, 2016 at 11:02pm PST

While the first video will set new fitness goals for you, the second video will push the bar even higher. Here you can see Sushant doing something that look a lot like a high-intensity interval training. Since the video is so awesome that you need to see it to believe it. It starts with a kick-up, followed by a push up and a flat jump with using all fours, only to get back the initial position. And he is doing all this without stopping.

Let's Get Back In Shape..!!

A video posted by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Nov 16, 2016 at 6:50am PST

Isn't he cool? So what do you plan on doing after watching these videos? Going to start working out or just let it be?

Images and video source : Instagram/sushantsinghrajput

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