Advanced Heart Failure Patients Can Live Longer With Telemonitoring, Says A Study

Research has revealed that patients with cardiovascular diseases have fewer deaths due to telemonitoring. During this investigation, an analysis was carried out on four different parameters, in which all the causes of death were studied separately

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Nov 07, 2019
Advanced Heart Failure Patients Can Live Longer With Telemonitoring, Says A Study

Closely monitoring the heart daily is necessary to avoid deaths by cardiovascular diseases. When communication techniques are used to transmit and track physical data, it is called telemonitoring. In this technique, all the required data related to health is monitored, including heart rate, rhythm, weight, blood pressure, etc.

Research by the Germany-based Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care found that a patient being telemonitored could be saved in the event of advanced heart failure, raising the possibility that the heart health could be improved with the help of technology. Heart failure cases can also be successfully managed by simply telemonitoring the patient's day-to-day activities for better health management.  Experts believe that with the help of this technique, the need to hospitalise a patient will drastically reduce. By identifying the problem in the organ or organ failure, necessary changes can be made in the lifestyle for better management of heart diseases. Also, telemonitoring helps in keeping a track on the essential medicines required for proper care. We often end up confusion a heart attack and a heart failure. In reality, there is a difference between heart attack and heart failure.

The Study Says

The research revealed that patients with acute cardiovascular diseases live better with the help of telemonitoring. The analysis was effectively carried out, keeping in mind four different parameters to support the debate. However, if one considers only two studies in which the patient himself telemonitored at least once a day, based on the data, it can be said that this also reduces the mortality rate of patients with acute heart failure. The only condition applied here was that the patient had no history of any mental illness or depression.

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According to researchers, two types of telemonitoring can be done in heart failure ...

In cases of heart failure, the ability of the heart to fill blood and pump blood is drastically reduced. If heart failure is chronic, the organ is unable to get oxygen when exercising or even resting. This condition is usually seen in adults and Germany, the study established, where the rate of deaths is more for heart failure patients.

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