World Cancer Day 2021: Young Men Should Not Ignore These Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Bowel or colon cancer starts in the large intestine and is more prominent in men than women. Young men should check for these signs.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Feb 03, 2021 19:16 IST
World Cancer Day 2021: Young Men Should Not Ignore These Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Many lifestyle choices lead to the development of certain cancers. It  can become very difficult to treat cancer once it spreads and therefore, it becomes important to curb the problem before it progresses. Colon cancer is one of the common cancers In India affecting millions of people every year. The only way to prevent colo cancer is identifying the signs & symptoms in the initial phase. Also, this cancer is common in men as compared to women. Bowel or colon cancer starts in the large intestine and men who have a family history of colon cancer are more at risk of suffering from colon cancer. Some other factors that may lead to colon cancer include being overweight or obese, smoking and eating an unhealthy diet. This World Cancer Day 2021, let us tell you some telltale signs of colon cancer that young men should not ignore. This can help in timely diagnosis and prevention.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Men

what is colon cancer

When someone develops colon or bowel cancer, the signs may not show up immediately. It may take a few weeks or months to notice the symptoms. Here are some of the colon cancer signs in young adults.

Change in Bowel Movement 

There is no such thing as a normal bowel movement but there are a few changes that you might experience including a persistent change in your stool. For example, if a person’s typical routine involves two bowel movements in a day, and it suddenly changes to having a bowel movement every other day – this could signal constipation and a change in their normal bowel movements. You might also experience a change in stool colour, size and difficulty in stool evacuation. 

Bloody Stool 

Bleeding in the stool is an early sign of colon cancer you shouldn’t be ignoring. Rectal bleeding can also be a sign of haemorrhoids, but you need to get it diagnosed by a doctor. 

Bloating and Cramps 

Excessive gas and bloating can be a sign of colon cancer. This is one of the late symptoms of colon cancer, this occurs after the progression of the disease. Carbonated drinks, dairy products, high-fibre foods and digestive problems such as inflammatory bowel disease are the leading cause of the development of colon cancer. 

Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Men


Nausea and vomiting can be caused due to many reasons but when these symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms such as constipation or pain. This can lead to painful cramps in your stomach. 

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Fatigue experienced when suffering from colon cancer is not the same as the normal fatigue that people experience. You won’t get quick relief from this kind of fatigue. It is common in people at an advanced stage of cancer. 

Colon Cancer in Men

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Unexplained Weight Loss 

Unexplained weight loss is another symptom of colon cancer that you shouldn’t ignore. Colon cancer may declare itself with unexpected weight loss. The tumours use your body’s blood and nutrients to grow, which leads to a sudden weight loss. Weekly Consumption of Yogurt Could Reduce Risk Of Bowel Cancer In Men

Shortness of Breath 

If colon cancer is not diagnosed at an early stage, it may spread to the lungs, which may lead to the shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain.

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