Steps to Heal Your Feet after a Week of High Heel Horrors

A week in high heels is of course sexy, but it is painful too. Prolonged use of heels can not just affect the balls of each foot and toes, but also your back and knees. It is important to give your feet a break after you have been wearing heels fo

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Sep 25, 2014
Steps to Heal Your Feet after a Week of High Heel Horrors

More and more women are wearing heels these days and for longer durations. It’s not just the feeling of sitting down that is invoked by your pumps; they affect different parts of your body. Wearing your heels for several consecutive days can give you a lingering foot pain.

Heels put an increased pressure on the ball of your foot and also the delicate toe bones, affecting your knee and back as well. The higher the heels, the greater the pressure!

According to researchers, up to a third of women suffer permanent problems as a result of their prolonged wearing of 'killer heels', ranging from hammer toes and bunions to irreversible damage to leg tendons.

Foot Pain

If you’ve spent your last week in heels and are going through your feet-after-a-week-in-stilettos syndrome, here is how you can tackle everything from blisters to soreness.

Walk Barefoot

Kick your heels off, take a weekend break, and go all natural whenever possible. Don’t wear anything on your feet; let them be untouched- on the floor, on the grass, on the carpet, basically everywhere. Those bruises, swelling, and blisters need that kind of shoe-forbidding treatment.

Treat those Blisters

Open wounds aren’t a thing to be avoided. Whip out that antiseptic cream, disinfect the blister and seal it with a Band-Aid. Do not, do not pop any of those blisters before they haven’t’ run their course. We know it’s tempting to pop that gnarly bubble, but resist yourself from doing so because it is your body’s natural way to produce a natural bandage and keep the skin underneath clean.

Soak Your Feet

After suffering exploitation for a week, your feet at least deserve a good soak in a tub filled with warm water. If you have blisters, this might sting a bit but then your muscles will feel soothed because of the warmth. You could also add few drops of essential oils to this water for an extra medicinal boost. To relieve the tension from your feet, try peppermint, marjoram, and basil essential oils.

Feet Pain


Yes, you have places to be and fabulous shoes to wear, but however challenging it proves to be, you have to wait. Jumping the gun will make it more problematic for you, so take it easy, walk barefoot, and wait for all your wounds to heal and all the foot pain to go.

Go for a Foot Massage

This could be your “medical” excuse to pamper yourself. Go to a spa and get foot treatments. Hire a skilled masseuse who knows how to work your deep muscles, so that they get to your very core and eliminate any remaining pain. Oh, did someone tell you yoga is a thing? Yes it is. Do it.

Wear Flats

So, you have to venture out for something, and of course, you can’t go barefoot; well, slip into those flats which are comfortable like hell. They aren’t giving your outfit the extra oomph that pumps do? Sorry sweetie, you have no other choice.

Pedicure Your feet

After your feet have healed, it is time to get them back into shape. They absolutely need that pumicing, exfoliation, and that utterly new and stylish paint job. Let the pampering be gentle.

Pain from Heels

Customize Your Heels

Running around in heels for a week is enough to destroy anyone’s feet. However, certain things can help you prevent that damage. Consider some cushy insoles, or consult your favorite shoe repairman for a more tailored approach.

If you have a foot pain that isn’t subsiding even with all these self-care tips and you notice some nasty bumps on your feet, this isn’t a thing to sneeze at. You must seek professional help to treat the present condition and to prevent future problems.

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