Sensitive Gap Between Tooth And Gum Can Cause These 3 Problems

By filling the difference of these teeth, you protect yourself from many diseases related to mouth and gums. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: May 04, 2020 14:40 IST
Sensitive Gap Between Tooth And Gum Can Cause These 3 Problems

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Having healthy and beautiful teeth is everyone's need. But often, in many people, we find that there is a gap between some of their teeth. If this gap occurs between the front teeth, it can often spoil your beauty. People who have gaps in their teeth are hesitant to blush and laugh. Hence, they usually avoid smiling in pictures. At the same time, if doctors believe, the difference in the teeth not only spoils your beauty but can be harmful to health. The gap in the teeth or lack of some teeth in the mouth can reduce your chewing ability. There can be difficulty in speaking, as well. In this case, the dentist often advises you to have a denture. Dentures are false teeth, which act as fillers in place of lost natural teeth or between teeth gaps. If you are thinking that filling a missing tooth or gap is significant because it will add beauty to your face, then you are a bit wrong. Let us tell you why it is essential to fill the teeth gaps-


When there is a difference between two teeth or a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth start moving due to being open. Apart from this, for some reason, there is a sensitivity. For this, you can get the surrounding teeth transferred here by drenching. Through dentures, you can also get your crooked teeth and the teeth that have been replaced wrongly. Apart from this, it is also necessary to fill some open veins in their place inside the mouth.

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Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome


After a tooth is lost and the surrounding teeth begin to move, the structure starts to change one after the other. The upper jaw and lower jaw of the mouth do not meet correctly, and this causes stretch and damage in the jaw joint. This phenomenon is called TMJ syndrome. It gives rise to many problems, and if there is decay in the teeth, then it can increase it.

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Tooth and gum related diseases

When the teeth are lost, the structure of the teeth changes after the surrounding teeth move. This makes it difficult for a person to reach several areas in the gum with a toothbrush or floss. This causes bacteria to accumulate in that area, as they are not cleaned properly. Gum diseases or periodontal diseases and tooth decay affect this space of teeth. The rest of the right teeth can also suffer due to these diseases and disorders.

Take care of these while getting dentures

While getting a denture, take care that the dentist removes the broken teeth from the roots (at the time of denture). If the root is not eradicated, there is a possibility of bone degeneration. There is bone loss in the area of the jaw, and this can cause changes in the position of your face. By filling the gap, it will prevent bone loss from the jaw area. It will add to your beauty which can significantly affect your appearance and self-esteem.

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