Skin Care for Kids

Parents must involve themselves in their kid's skin care routine because it is no different than their own. This will ensure that your child is blessed with a healthy looking skin because they will remain conscious of eating right!

Tilottama Chatterjee
Tips for ParentWritten by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: Feb 22, 2013
Skin Care for Kids

Skin Care for Kids

It is always the best to begin early because your kid’s skincare routine is not very different from your own, at least as far as the basics are concerned. The basis of all skincare routines include cleansing, toning, moisturising. For kids, however, toning isn’t really required because their skin is in a prime stage in childhood. 

When it comes to your kids skin care routine you must pay special attention. Read below a few ways that can help you do so. 

Protection from Sun

Keep infants out of strong sunlight. However, exposure to early morning sunlight for a short time (not more than 10 minutes) helps babies develop strong bones. For children aged six months or more, apply sunscreen daily, one that is designed especially for kids (which contains a sun blocker such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide). For older children, use a broad spectrum sunscreen – one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and with an SPF of 15 or higher. The sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes prior to exposure, and re-applied every two hours.

Bath Products and Other Toiletries

For infants and toddlers, it’s always best to use products made especially for babies.  Also, the best possible products to use for small children are natural ones - for instance coconut oil, which is extremely light and easily absorbed by the delicate skin of a baby. Some children are sensitive or allergic to fragrances, dyes, detergents and synthetic fibres, causing rashes and other skin problems. To protect against possible problems, it’s best to use perfume free products (including laundry detergent) and 100% cotton clothing.

Bug Protection

If you are planning to take your child (over 6 months) outdoors, for an extended period of time, it’s always best to apply insect repellent with a child approved dose of DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide). For protection against mosquitoes, long sleeved tops, full length lowers, a hat and sunglasses are good options.

Skin Care regimen

Clean your baby’s skin with a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, soap-less cleanser. Bubble baths tend to dry out delicate baby skin - as a result it’s advisable to limit their usage. Avoid scrubs and cleansers with exfoliants as these dry and irritate children’s skin. After every bath or shower, apply a moisturiser meant especially for babies. For older children, a proper cleaning routine is very important for good head- to- toe hygiene and for maintaining healthy skin. A proper bath or shower everyday with a powerful (but gentle) cleanser to wash away the dirt and grime your little one collects, is a must.

Diet and Water

A healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is essential for a child’s growth and general health. So is an adequate amount of water. The importance of water for the body cannot be overemphasised. Water keeps the skin hydrated, and thereby healthy. Needless to say that healthy skin will be a natural result of good general health. A variety of food, from all the food groups, adequate amounts of fibre, a good night’s sleep and plenty of water will ensure a lifetime of good skin for your child.      

Incorporating a simple but effective skin care routine at an early age, will ensure a lifetime of healthy looking skin. Stay healthy, eat well, exercise regularly and the key – start out young!