2 months old baby developmental milestones

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Vatsala Shrangi
Tips for ParentWritten by: Vatsala ShrangiPublished at: Mar 24, 2011Updated at: Mar 28, 2013
2 months old baby developmental milestones

Two Months babyA 2 months old baby should achieve certain developmental milestones after the rapid growth that she experiences. Though there can be variations in the growth of a baby, it would be unwise to ignore a less than normal development of a 2 months old baby. If a baby’s physical development and normal skills are not meeting the satisfactory milestones for a 2 months old baby’s development, it can be due to some sort of deficiency. You might have to do something about restoring normal growth of your baby if such is the case.

Physical Growth

Babies should gain at least 1 lbs and maximum 2 lbs per month. Kidshealth.org states that a baby should weigh at least 1 lbs more than his weight at birth. His height should increase by 1.5 inches. The Pediatric method of checking a baby’s growth is to judge it according to weight chart averages of same age babies. Babycenter.com gives the figure of 12.5 lbs for a boy and 11.53 for a girl as the median weight of a 2 months old baby. The most important consideration in judging a 2 months old baby’s developmental milestones is whether his growth is normal with regards to his weight at birth.


When babies are 2 months old, they become interested in patterns like plaids, stripes or contrasting colors. Their interest in colors is no longer confined to simple bright colors.


2 month old infants can understand familiar sounds. They can turn their heads to recognize sounds that are new and loud or abrupt sounds startle them. He should respond to sounds by this stage of his development.

Motor Skills

The 2 month old should develop the ability of a more coordinated movement than before. His movements are smoother by this age and you can observe some of the following:


  • Enhanced control of hands with the ability of putting them in the mouth developed.
  • Better control of head – Lifting the head while lying on the stomach.
  • Holding the head straight if someone makes him sit.
  • Some babies also start rolling from side to side.
  • Social Development
  • You will observe traits of social intermingling in a 2 year old baby with:
  • Smile at her parents and familiar faces.
  • Holding out arms when an adult suggests to pick her up.

The baby is still young for being comfortable with new faces but this is the right time to introduce him to those people whom you want him to be familiar with. 2 months old baby’s development is subject to variations but a parent should still be vigilant about any sort of deficiency in their growth.