Holi Activities for Children

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May 27, 2011

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Holi Activities for Children

So you have a little one at home who is petrified of giants with colour plasters over their face? We mean the elders after a round of ravenous colour playing on Holi! Fret not, because there are a host of ideas for Holi activities for children that will help you and also ensure that you have your share of fun.

It is advisable to keep your preschool child away from the revelry during Holi. S/He is bound to get scared of the rowdy crowd and may develop fears that will in all probability scare her/his little mind. There are lots of Holi activities that you can arrange for little children under the age of four. Here are a few tips that will help you this Holi:


  • Invite your child’s friends over. Arrange a small party for them. Include Holi related activities such as spray painting and finger painting to keep them happy and busy. Make it a theme party so that everybody is in bright colours.
  • There are many social groups who organise special Holi fun activities for children. Activities include singing and dancing, body painting, and watching funny movies. Enrol your child in such activities. She/he will have fun!
  • If you want your child to stay safe and also enjoy Holi you can get them coloured confetti. They can enjoy with friends and they can dump the harmless confetti on each other without hurting anyone.
  • Arrange a small scale Rangoli or Painting competition. Your child and her/his friends can participate. Ask them to make a colourful painting. Ensure that you reward every child as it will boost her/his confidence.
  • Another great activity for children that you can organise this Holi is a baking session. Engage your child in cooking colourful food for her/his friends. You can make beautiful cupcakes, pancakes or any other thing that grabs the attention of your child.
  • There are a lot of activities that will keep your preschooler safe and happy this Holi. Things however, get a little more complicated when it comes to children within the age bracket of five to ten. These children tend to imitate adults and want to do the same things that they witness. Therefore, this Holi make sure that your growing child has her/his share of fun! We will tell you how.
  • It is inevitable that your young child will want to play with colours. You need to ensure her/his safety. Get the children herbal or natural colours. Also make sure that the rowdy group of adults around the house does not harangue the kids.
  • Invite your child’s friends over and let them play Holi. Ensure that an adult is present with them throughout the session.
  • Engage your kid around the house on Holi. Let them help you in cooking the delicacies, arranging for the evening puja, wrapping of the Holi gifts and cleaning the house after the fun is over. These activities will make them feel like a part of the group.
  • Organise a little get together for your child’s friends. They can play Holi, watch movies, and play games. The trick is to keep them inside the house so they are as far away as possible from overboard festivities!


These Holi activities specially intended for children will keep them happy. It will also ensure that they do not miss out on any fun. It will, in turn also guarantee the fact that you can enjoy Holi without feeling guilty about leaving your precious one alone. Happy Holi!



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