Six Signs That The Body Gives When You Are Starving

While dieting, we end up ignoring when the stomach is looking to be filled. There are several signs that the body gives when you should immediately eat something

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Sep 10, 2019 10:04 IST
Six Signs That The Body Gives When You Are Starving

With most people going on crash diets or low-calorie, no carb-diets, often complain of sudden hunger pangs. Everyone knows the magic to lose weight is to cut down on calories. However, in most cases, people end up going in extremes by actually starving themselves for weight loss. Apart from weight loss, repeated episodes of hunger pangs can cause grave inconvenience to the digestive system leading to long-lasting health problems. The whole concept of going on a diet is to supplement the body with required nutrients to aid weight loss. 

Eating less is fine to one extent, but not eating at all can be undoubtedly harmful. Also, it is a known fact that razing down on calories does not aid weight loss faster. Following are some vital signs and signals that the body gives when it requires food:

Dreaming of food while sleeping

Have you ever had dreams of you eating something delicious or exotic? These are nightmares for those on a strict diet, limiting themselves to eat the required portion of food. Due to starving or eating less, it happens that the mind and body keep asking for food even while sleeping. This denotes that satisfaction after the meal was missing before hitting the sack.

Food always on your mind?

It is common to always think about food when you are on a specific diet. However, in most cases, this means that the body is asking for food for essential nutrition. We often get hunger pangs, after which we end up eating than double. However, in most cases, people tend to ignore these symptoms owing to weight loss reasons. If for the past hour, you have been thinking of food, then eat something.

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Irregular sleep patterns

If you are hungry, it is common to suffer from irregular sleep patterns. When you are dieting, you are so choosy about the food you eat. It is common for people to ignore the important nutrients required by the body for basic nutrition. If you have missed dinner, it is common to get up from your sleep looking for food instantly. In such cases, keep nuts handy to cater to your midnight hunger pangs. In case the level of hunger is more, have a cup of milk

Bouts of dizziness or lightheadedness

Have you ever felt dizzy or lightheaded due to hunger? This is because the body is asking for the required energy in the form of food. It is essential to take in the basic nutrients and minerals in account in the diet to maintain the needed energy to sustain through the day. Cutting out on food deprives the body of several vital nutrients

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When food starts making you terrified

Ever felt terrified looking at food? Ever thought that a particular food item may make you fat even by looking at it? This very thought means that your stomach is craving for food, but your mind is stopping you from doing so! A clear sign that you are undereating; these thoughts indicate the hunger hormones in the body is sending signals to the brain but no avail.  

You are cranky, crabby and difficult to handle

It is common in infants to cry when hungry. This happens to adults as well, but as they cannot cry, they sulk, get irritated on the smallest of the things and react drastically to anything. If you are cranky, just one bite of food can lower your irritation. All these symptoms mean that you need to rethink what you are eating and chalk a new plan to control mood swings due to hunger pangs.

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