Septic arthritis symptoms

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Jan 25, 2013

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Septic arthritis takes place when the organism causing the septic passes from the blood stream to the joint in the body. Septic arthritis gives out the following signs for detection of the disease:

  • In this case, the patient suffers from fever.
  • This is accompanied by chills and shivering throughout the body.
  • The affected joint goes through severe pain. It is more painful when the person tries to move the limb area.
  • There is, thus, an inability to move that part of the body where there is a joint pain occurs.
  • Joints become stiff due to lack of movement.
  • There is certain warmth in this area and redness in the area since the blood flow increases at this time.
  • Swelling also affects these areas, furthering the inability of the patient to stay mobile. This is mainly the result of the increase in the quantity of fluid inside the joint.
  • A general tendency to feel tired, fatigued and weak after short spans of time can also be seen in the patients of septic arthritis.



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