Scared Of Dieting For Weight Loss? Know How To Lose Weight Without Leaving Your Favourite Food

Strict diet plans can sometimes be very tough to follow. Follow these tips to maintain your body shape without leaving your favourite food.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 01, 2021Updated at: May 01, 2021
Scared Of Dieting For Weight Loss? Know How To Lose Weight Without Leaving Your Favourite Food

Sticking to strict diet can be tricky sometimes. People follow different diet routines and dieting plans to maintain their body shape and avoid getting fat. However most of the people who diet became significantly weak rather than becoming slim. The idea of ideal figure constantly hampers the nutritional health which our body needs and focuses more towards external shape of body. Although there are some tips which you can follow which can help you maintain your figure in-spite of eating healthy food. Let us know how you can maintain a healthy body without ‘dieting’ and causing harm to your health.

What Is The Contribution Of Diet In Your Body?

It is a proven fact that right nutrition can help you build a good body with right weight. Nutrition contributes a lot on your health; unhealthy diets can result in many health problems and diseases. Nutritionist Shweta Jha from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow talks the importance of healthy diet and nutrition in our body. She says the mechanism of our body is such that the food we eat produces calories which help us to perform different tasks. But unhealthy food items have saturated fats, unhealthy carbs etc which accumulate in the body resulting to make us obese or overweight. 


Some people tackle this by not eating regular diet which is called fasting or dieting. However most of the dieting techniques result in unhealthy growth of body. After a certain time, the body in search of energy starts consuming the muscle fat and proteins which weakens your system. There are certain ways through which you can eat healthy and maintain your shape as well. 

Tips For Maintaining Your Body Shape Without Dieting-

Be Aware

The first thing is to be aware of what are you eating. Knowledge about the nutritional value present in the diet should be well known to your before you start eating any fruit or vegetable. Flavour also matters and for that there are huge variety of food items which are available which can be both tasty and health at the same time. By learning about the right diet you can overcome your daily obstacles of sticking to a particular diet. 

Have Stress Free Meal

Do not take stress while having your food. People often tend to eat when they are stressed or for the sake of it. Mostly during your work hours the meal you take in between is full of stress due to workload. This makes the nutrition in our meal less effective for your body. Do not count the calories you are taking in but get some good options which satisfy you more than just your hunger or starving.

Take Smaller Plates for Not So Healthy Food

It is not always essential to leave our favourite food in order to become fit. Reducing the amount of that food can also help. Take smaller plates which will automatically cut down the quantity of food item. This can reduce the excessive carbs or fats to accumulate in your body. Regulating the quantity of food without leaving your favourite dish is possible.

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Feel Confident in Your Body

What people miss out mostly is that they look upon others for perfect body shape. This makes the person more conscious about this body than being confident. For maintaining a healthy body it is important to be confident in yourself. Be confident about your body and shape, it helps to neglect irregular diet routines, and cravings which boosts your immune system.


Chew Thoroughly

Chewing your food properly reduces your intake of food. It is helpful in digestion and improves metabolism. In fact when you chew your food properly it decreases your food intake and gives you a feeling of fullness earlier than normal. Also take small portion sizes that help to regulate the intake of food. Fast eaters are more prone to obesity than people who chew their food properly according to a study.

Eat Fibre Rich Food

The most important thing about food is the constant hunger which strikes us to eat something or the else. Because of this most of the times we happen to intake unhealthy snacks at odd times. This makes us unhealthy and is a major reason for getting obese. Eating fibre rich food items longevity of food item which means you have a sense of fullness for longer period of time. 

Viscous fibre is particularly beneficial for weight loss. It increases the fullness and reduces he food intake. It forms a gel like substance when it comes in contact with water. This increases the nutrient absorption and slows down the time of emptying of stomach. It is found in plant foods such as beans, sprouts, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds. 


Get To Know Reality of Diet Plans

For maintain their figure and body shape, people mostly try to follow a certain diet plan. These diet plans consists various types of fasting, or food intake of similar kinds. It is important to know about the side effect or the actual benefit of the diet. Our body needs all the nutrients in particular amount to remain healthy but there are many popular diets which prevent you from having certain nutrients which may later affect your health. Hence knowing the truth about these diet plans is important before you start following any of those.

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Self Monitor 

Create your own diet plan with all the information and try to follow the best suitable plan for you. Monitoring your diet yourself is crucial to avoid excessive pressure and stress. Having food under constant pressure can be torturous and would not help your body. You know your body best, hence try to make a diet plan which suits your body and has all the essential nutrients. You may however take help of tools, apps and nutrition for consulting the right choice of diet. 


To maintain your body shape and health, it is not necessary to starve yourself. Most of the diet plans include fasting or interim fasting which can affect your health. In these times when there is not much to do you can make your own diet plan which suits your body the best and maintain your shape. Try to put all the nutrients inside your diet and find options which are both healthy and tasty. Do not get stressed and conscious of your body as it reduces the affect of diet on your body. Being stress free, confident and aware about the correct nutrition is the key to your healthy body.

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