Save your skin with plenty of fruits water or go fasting

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Aug 10, 2010

plenty of fruitsSkin diseases are the most common form of infection occurring in people of all ages. They are one of the hardest ailments to get accustomed to due to visibility. Be it a scar, a blemish or a pimple, they all look ugly and are hard to  conceal even with make-up. In most of the skin infections treatment takes a long time to show effect. The problem becomes more worrisome if the ailment does not respond to the treatment. Almost 10-20 percent of patients seeking medical advice suffer from skin diseases. The skin conditions are prevalent across all parts of the world. Sun is one of the most prominent sources of skin cancer and related traumas.


Common form of skin diseases


The most common skin ailments outside of pimples are eczema and simple dermatitis, resulting from non-specific infections of the skin.

Acne is the diagnostic term for pimples. It is a chronic inflammatory disease in which there are few or many skin lesions. These may be minute or large and disfiguring. The usual form is small red, bright or dark red pin-head or pea-size papules. These appear more frequently on the forehead, chin or lower jaw. Black heads usually are quite numerous in the same area. The skin may appear thick, dirty and greasy and pus and sebaceous (oily or greasy) matter can be expressed from the lesions.

Eczema is another inflammatory condition of skin, more or loss chronic and appearing on any part of the body. There may be merely redness or there may be scales, pustules or fissures. There is intense irritation and itching in many of the cases. The surface may be dry or moist.


Causes of skin diseases


Among the causes of these and practically all other skin conditions, except the parasitic diseases, is a general or systemic toxaemia. There usually is constipation, though not infrequently there is alternate constipation and diarrhoea, and sometimes there is normal frequency of stools but an extremely foul condition of the intestinal tract. In the latter condition the blood stream absorbs many foul elements, which must find an outlet and the body selects the skin. In the case of acid-forming diet, with a great deficiency of the alkalinizing elements, eczema is more likely to result than pimples or acne.  




In order to prevent this type of condition, it is necessary to reduce the encumbrance and the permit the eliminative organs to catch up with their work. Fasting is excellent in any skin condition and may be continued from five to twenty days or even longer, if weight strength and energy  permit. If for any reason this can not be done or at least not for a sufficient length of time, one may use fruit juice or fruit diet. The daily enema may be used for bowel cleansing, but in this case it is permissible to use a very effective dose of one of the herb laxatives or of citrate of magnesia, milk of magnesia, Pluto water, or any other non-mercurial laxative for a thorough bowel cleansing at the onset of fast or fruit diet. An abundance of water should be taken to flush the kidneys and to help the skin and bowel functions.  The diet should be large amounts of fruits and vegetables, and for a time nothing else except milk if there is no eczema. Milk tends to aggravate eczema. If it is known that  eczematous condition is not aggravated by milk then this is an excellent addition to diet. One may procure a non-allergic milk preparation from an apothecary or dietician. One should avoid meat in any form, all salt and salt-preserved foods, condiments, fat and other rich foods, fried foods, pickled and smoked foods. In short, one should have as strict a diet of natural foods as  is possible.


Some skin care tips:


o  Before bathing massage the middle area of the forehead with any good oil (mustard, coconut, sesame, amla oil and the alike) for five minutes. Daily application of oil improves memory, makes the hair shining black and soft.

o  For severe acne,prescription medication may be the best. 

o  Consult a dermatologist if you are worried about a skin glitch. 

o  Have a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

o  Drink lots of water.

o  Cleanse your face thrice a daily.

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