Rujuta Divekar Explains The Health Benefits Of Homemade Pickles

Pickles have sources of vitamin K, vitamin A, and probiotic bacteria that are healthy for the body, share Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Mar 13, 2020 17:04 IST
Rujuta Divekar Explains The Health Benefits Of Homemade Pickles

Pickles might be oily, but they are still a permanent part of Indian cuisine. They give a taste to almost every food, be it rice, sabzi or roti. Usually, in traditional pickling, vegetables and fruits are submerged in brine or salted and shredded adding spice and oil and preserve them under sunlight. It just doesn’t add tastes but is beneficial too. According to various researches, the presence of probiotics may help in clearer skin, better immunity, increase in gastrointestinal health, and could even reduce stress and depression. Homemade pickles are preferred for a reason. They do not have preservatives such as iodine, anti-caking agents, potassium, iodide, and sodium benzoate. Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar posts on Instagram handle explaining why it is essential to have homemade pickles.


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In her caption, she says “Our dadis and nanis used everything naturally available around them - salt, spices, and sunlight to ensure that not just the seasonal produce does not go waste but also that their nutritional value is enhanced. So they used trial and error, patience and perseverance and gave us this priceless gift called pickle.” She further stated that pickles are touted as valuable sources of vitamin K (co-factor in absorbing vitamin D), vitamin A (eyesight and immunity), probiotic bacteria (live organisms that confer health benefits to the host).

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Benefits of Homemade Pickle, As Told By Rujuta Diwekar


  • The nutritionist listed down some benefits of it on her post, and they are-
  • They enhance the taste and flavour of food.
  • They help in the digestive processes of the body.
  • They are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamin K which is a good source of nutrients and reduces blood clotting in case of injuries.
  • Antioxidants C and E help in boosting immunity
  • They provide the body with healthy bacteria, which makes it easy for the body to produce vitamins like B12.
  • They ensure that pathogens or the harmful bacteria do not colonise your gut since they have probiotic powers that even helps to strengthen our gut and immune system.

Though there are many different kinds of pickles readily available in the market, she stresses on the fact that homemade pickles are safer and healthier. According to Rujuta, pickles should be made at home with the process of traditional recipes, just like dahi (curd). She also stated in an NDTV food article, “The right time to start the process of making pickles and papads is post the occasion of Shivratri, as that’s the time when the sunlight is best for these processes.”

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Few Tips Regarding Daily Consumption of Pickles By Rujuta Diwekar


It is important to remember that the pickles will get spoiled if it doesn’t get the right amount of salt and oil. Now the first thing that comes in mind is blood pressure as we talk about oil and salt. The confusion was cleared by Rujuta saying that people should avoid biscuits, cookies or anything from outside, instead of pickles. The probiotic powers, also known as healthy bacteria, maintain balance in your digestive system and absorb the necessary nutrients our body needs.

Pickles may even help prevent blood sugar spikes and could be beneficial for people with diabetes. She further says, in conversation with NDTV food, “You need to eat pickle in a small amount with your meal. Avoid overeating. A little pickle with your dal-rice or dahi can provide your body with the right combination of pre and probiotics.”

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