Can Rock Salt Aid Muscle Cramps? Read Other Health Benefits Of Rock Salt Here

Rock salt is extremely beneficial for your body. Check out all its health benefits. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Aug 30, 2021 15:30 IST
Can Rock Salt Aid Muscle Cramps? Read Other Health Benefits Of Rock Salt Here

Salt is a compound made up of sodium and chlorine called sodium chloride. Salt is present in ample amount in our oceans. It is being used since ages for preservation and flavouring of food. Salt is a very basic need of humans. It controls the electrolytes in the body and helps in conduction of impulses in the body. Normal table salt is prepared in salt mines by the process of evaporation and then processing it. Salt can be artificially iodised to overcome iodine deficiency too. 

Rock salt is formed when seawater of lakes evaporates slowly exposing pale crystals. It is unrefined form of salt and it also contains minerals that are good for your health. Normal salt contains certain harmful additives to make it less soggy. Rock salt is free from these processing and hence it can prove to be a healthier alternative for you. Rock salt contains good amounts of micronutrients that are essential for a strong body. Read further to know about the health benefits of rock salt. 

Rock salt health benefits

Minerals are required for various vital functions in body like converting glucose into energy, muscle functioning, and even in composition of hormones. Here are few health benefits of rock salt that have been listed below: 

1. Improves digestion


Rock salt is being used since ages for treating various ailments. It can be used as an excellent home remedy to relieve constipation, acidity and bloating. Minerals present in rock salt speed up the bowel movement. It helps us to get rid of the toxins in our gut. You can add 1-2 pinch of salt in warm water and then add half a lemon to drink before going to bed. 

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2. Boosts immune system

Rock salt is not just rich in minerals, it contains Vitamin K which helps in increasing our immunity. Vitamin K is required for synthesizing various proteins in the body which help in clotting of blood. Vitamin K also aids the formation of healthy bone tissues and other important physiological functions. You can use rock salt to flavour your regular food too. 

3. Helps to reduce sugar cravings

Certain researches have been conducted that insist that rock salt has the ability to stimulate insulin in the body which not only helps in managing blood sugar levels in body, it can also help you overcome the sugar cravings. We are temped to lose our control over sweets and hence it can also lead to weight loss. You can simply sprinkle some salt on your fruits. 

4. Regulates blood pressure

As we are aware that unlike our regular table salt, rock salt contains more minerals especially potassium. Sodium and potassium levels in the body regulate the amount water retention in the body which can exert extra pressure on the heart. Patients who are suffering from high blood pressure should regulate their salt intake in their daily lifestyle to avoid any fluctuations. 

5. Relief from muscle cramps

muscle cramps

Rock salt is just a more pure form of sodium chloride. It contains good amount of potassium too. These minerals help in dealing with electrolyte imbalance in the body which helps you get some relief from muscle cramps. You can also use a rock salt along with hot water to get some pain relief on the affected area. 

6. Promotes healthy skin

Rock salt is an excellent exfoliator. It can help you get rid of all the dirt and oil on your face. It can also be used as a body scrub. Rock salt also helps in deep cleansing of pores which also helps in reducing breakouts on face. Even when used externally it can help to extract toxins from the skin. You can just add a table spoon of salt in your regular face wash or cleanser and you will be good to go. 

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7. Improves sleep quality

A good night sleep can be very important for a person. Even one sleepless night can bring down your metabolism to upto 70%. Rock salt has a cooling effect on the body. You can add some rock salt to your body wash, bath tubs etc. They help to slowly replenish your body with energy and removes toxins. You can also add a few drops of essential oils for an improved stress relief experience. 

8. Promotes healthy hair growth

rock salt

It can help you cleanse your hair without removing natural oils from the hair. You can add a teaspoon of rock salt in your regular shampoo. It can also help to treat other scalp problems too without damaging it. 

9. Helps in sore throat and sinus

Rock salt can really help you if you have a sore throat, we are advised to gargle with warm water and rock salt. It helps to reduce swelling in the tonsils. Taking steam with rock salt in it is also seen to be very helpful with sinus. Regular steam for few weeks can help you overcome the sinus completely, as it will help to keep the nasal passage clear. 

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There are various benefits of including rock salt in your diet, but you must not replace iodised salt completely because it can cause iodine deficiency in the body. You must try to change the salt in different foods and find what suits you the best. You should also be cautious while choosing your salt and make sure that it is food grade, because sometimes these salts can carry heavy metals which can be harmful for you.

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