7 Doctor Prescribed Remedies For Tinnitus Hearing Problem

Tinnitus is an ear problem which does not have a treatment. Here are 7 doctor prescribed remedies that can reduce tinnitus affect.

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7 Doctor Prescribed Remedies For Tinnitus Hearing Problem

Tinnitus is basically having weird wound or unusual sounds in ear. This can be sound of clicking or buzzing, hissing, etc. These sounds in tinnitus are a result of ear problem which engages with external noise. These sounds are actually very low but can be very disturbing at time because the person hears it continuously. Some people hear it one ear and some in both, it can be heard while doing any activity, working sleeping and while conversing as well. Therefore tinnitus can actually be problematic in daily life. Today we will know about some remedies which you can opt for in order to get rid of tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is actually a persistent or temporary sound which is heard at times or constantly in a person’s ears. This is not a disease but actually a symptom of various ear problems. According to Dr. Pranshul Trivedi, Consultant Otolaryngologist in BNK Hospital, Banglore, it is a basic disruption in signals of auditory nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain. 


In different condition, the noise of tinnitus can be different. People may have temporary or constant noise bleach because of which they are not able to hear properly at times. It happens more often to older adults and stick with them for the rest of their lives. There is no as such treatment available for this problem; however there are some remedies which you can opt in order to get relief from this ear issue.

Remedies for Tinnitus Ear Problem

1. Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are basically those devices that amplify sound in ears, these are basic machines which started coming from previous decade to help people with hearing problems. Hearing aids process frequencies and that small electronic device increases the hearing ability of the person. Some advanced hearing aids can also magnify sound going to the brain by modifying neuroplastic changes in frequencies. 

If you have tinnitus, then there is possibility that as loud or better you are able to hear other sounds, the less you will hear sounds related to tinnitus. Majority of people are able to get relief when they use hearing aids while suffering from tinnitus ear problem.

2. Sound Masking Devices

These devices are basically sound machines which used to be there quite a few years ago. People use it less these days with latest technology making place. These sound masking devices actually put pleasant sound in your ears because of which you hear tinnitus sounds to a very low or negligible level. These devices are useful for those who have temporary tinnitus and hearing issue. This device has white noise, nature noise, music etc which provides an ambient sound which provides calmness to the person. 

Quite many people especially older adults may prefer sound masking devices as it drowns ringing and clicking sound with some delightful peaceful music. It will also help you to sleep better if you have tinnitus.

3. Behavioural Therapy

Tinnitus is not a disease but it does give high stress and drains you emotionally. Hence it is always better to talk to an expert and have some come up with solution for you. Behavioural therapy can ease irritation and help people live with this condition. Behavioural therapy is not a cure but an aid which provides support to the patient. During tinnitus which is going to be present for rest of the life, these therapies improve quality of life, help a person neglect those sounds and find ways to encourage a person.


Behavioural therapy should also be taken because tinnitus is a mentally exhausting experience and it may create negative thoughts in your mind which can affect your health. Therefore it can be a great option for those suffering with tinnitus.

4. Treating Dysfunctions

Another remedy or solution for tinnitus is to tackle down the cause of hearing loss or tinnitus. If that cause comes under control by some treatments, then there is a chance of improvement in tinnitus cases. Since tinnitus is caused because of irritation or problem in auditory system, cause of it can be related to dental procedure which connects it to auditory nerve. So in this case, that dental treatment needs to be realigned or examined properly.

Other common issue is with earwax, if there is a lot of earwax accumulated in the ears, then it may cause blockage. In order to make tinnitus disappear, the earwax needs to be cleared and eardrum should be treated or cleaned. This may also improve the condition of tinnitus.

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5. Anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs

In majority of cases tinnitus occurs to older adults and they fall into depression because of this. Older adults already have a lot of problems to deal with generally and tinnitus increases their challenges. Hence it can cause anxiety issues or depression in them. If the tinnitus sound is too irritating, then also make a person go into depression after some time. 

Anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressant drugs are given to those people so that they get relief and do not get into high level of mental issues. Anti-depressants given during this time are-

  • Anafranil
  • Norpramin
  • Vivactill
  • Pamelor


6. Stress Reduction Activities

There are also stress reduction activities which can help during the period of tinnitus. These mindful activities are based on stress reduction formula which diverts the attention to a different topic such as hearing usual sounds towards activity. It can be equally beneficial and mindful based tinnitus stress reduction programs can show a lot of improvement in behaviour as well as in coping up with the unusual sounds. This process results to reduction in depression and anxiety as well.

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7. Alternative Treatments

There are some other treatment options which actually improve the quality of life and may reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. These alternative treatments are based on diet, acupuncture and hypnosis. According to our ear specialist, these alternative treatments do not have any proof of improvement, however some people get benefitted by opting for these alternative treatments. It includes-

  • Hypnosis
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Acupuncture 

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