Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Sanitary Pads

Synthetic or plastic based sanitary napkins are dangerous for both environment and one's health. What is the solution? Read on to know a safer option.

Varsha Vats
Women's HealthWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 17, 2019
Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Sanitary Pads

Periods or menstrual cycle is still a less discussed topic in India. People are so detached towards this whole concept that women today feel shy to share their issues related to menstruation. As a consequence, many suffer because they have no knowledge and no one to talk to. 

Sanitary napkin is the most commonly used absorbent. But there are a lot of ramifications of using synthetic sanitary pads. Being a non-biodegradable product, sanitary napkins are a threat to the environment. It takes around 500 years for a sanitary napkin to decompose. It leads to the production of plastic in huge quantity. Around 9,000 tonnes of plastic is generated every year in India. This is a big threat to the environment and makes the situation worse.

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But it is not just the environment, use of synthetic sanitary napkin is a bad for one's health as well. In some cases, it can lead to severe infection and health issues. One of the most severe consequence that can happen after the use of synthetic sanitary napkin includes cervical cancer. If you continue to use sanitary pads that are made with harmful plastic and other toxins, then the risk of developing cervical cancer increases automatically. The artificial fragrance used in sanitary is also harmful to one's health.

“Rashes, diaper-like feel, irritation is part of every period. One shouldn’t overthink about it much,” this is a common saying among many. But is it right? Is there a way to fight an uncomfortable period?

One solution which has been recently introduced is organic pads. Organic pad industry is quite new in India. Slowly, some people are realising that it is time to take control to protect the environment as well as to reduce all the possible health hazards that it can cause. "Organic pads are made up of organic cotton. It is free from all harmful toxins and plastic. These sanitary pads are a little higher on the price chart as compared to the ordinary pads available in the market, the only reason being is quality. The lack of plastic or any other harmful chemicals in organic sanitary pads is the reason why every individual should switch to organic," said Yashi Kamboj, founder of an organic sanitary napkin brand Crampberry.

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"The cotton in organic sanitary pads ensures soft and comfortable feel on the skin, which leads a healthy and happy period. Imagine that every month for 5 days on average, you’re exposing your vulnerable area to these harmful chemicals," Yashi added.

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Organic Sanitary Pad might sound like more of a luxuries affair, but it is actually a fundamental need that one should not ignore. You must think it this way, which is more challenging- adding a little more in your monthly budget or bearing huge sum of medical bills? So, ignoring your health during periods can have serious consequences, and some are even irreversible and life-threatening. Changing your ordinary pad to organic pad can do wonders for your health.

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