Say No To Lingerie-Shaming. Drying Underwear in Closed Surroundings Can Lead to Infections

In a country like India, drying lingerie in open spaces is still considered shabby and unacceptable and is shunned in many villages in India 

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Women's HealthWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 03, 2019Updated at: Jun 03, 2019
Say No To Lingerie-Shaming. Drying Underwear in Closed Surroundings Can Lead to Infections

We have come a long way from where India stood centuries back. Now, we are more aware, broadminded and open about discussing topics, which were earlier a stigma for women. Prior, what was considered to be a disgrace for the women in India, now has become a topic of discussion the world-over. Taking into consideration the advancement in the menstrual health and hygiene, women are now opening up on national and international platforms, education the backward classes in the country. However, some stigmas still linger on, one of them being drying out lingerie in public. What hurts the sentiments of Indian women most is the discrimination faced in comparison to women. An ugly half-torn boxer is considered ethical over women lingerie. Women across the villages still believe in keeping their underwear away from the sight of people as it may bring with it shame and disgrace. 

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Debunking this myth, several studies show how drying lingerie in the open is much more beneficial for women than indoors. Women’s health is subjected to several factors, which need to be taken in stride to avoid significant health hazards. As per medical practitioners, covering wet underwear for drying purpose can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria in the fabric. Following are some of the health hazards that women are prone due to bacteria: 

Bacterial Vaginosis Can be a Possibility

Good as well as bad bacteria live in a women’s vagina. It is essential for the ladies to take utmost care of bacterial infections down there as it can lead to severe medical conditions, bacterial vaginosis being one of them. It happens due to harmful bacteria moving in. Subjecting your underwear to closed surroundings for drying can lead to bacterial growth, adding to the woes. It is essential for women to be treated with bacterial infections in the vagina at the earliest as prolonged problems can lead to problems in pregnancy or while conceiving. UTI is another syndrome that can happen due to bacterial growth in the vagina. All these medical problems together cause a great deal of inconvenience to the women in the following ways: 

  • White discharge
  • Erratic period cycle 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen

Debunking the Myth 

It is essential for mothers to educate their children or consult doctors for awareness on such sensitive issues. It is okay to dry out your lingerie in public, that’s why we have so many brands selling some stellar lingerie in the Indian markets. It is okay not to cover your drying underwear with other garment pieces just for the sake of the society. As a socially aware citizen, women should shun such practices and listen to what is beneficial for them health-wise. Following are a few ground rules to follow for women when it comes to underwear: 

  • Go for natural fabrics, especially cotton
  • Breathable fabrics work best as it lessens the chances of bacterial infection
  • Change atleast two times in a day for that fresh feeling 
  • It is okay to not wear one at night to air out the moisture 
  • Try to wash your underwear in hypoallergenic soap as they are safe for those with a sensitive vagina
  • And the most important, dry out your underwear in open spaces for lesser chances of bacterial growth in the fabric
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