4 Daily Habits that are Ruining your Vaginal Health

Are you one of those few people who pay attention to their vagina as much as their skin and hair? If not, you surely need to read this.

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Women's HealthWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: May 12, 2018
4 Daily Habits that are Ruining your Vaginal Health

Would it be wrong to say that your happiness along with other things depends a lot on how happy your vagina is? Yes, because an unhappy vagina can totally ruin your day. But, how many of us do anything to take proper care of it? Or how frequently do you pay heed to this very special lady parts of yours? Can’t remember when was the last time you did anything to maintain a healthy vagina? 

Come on ladies, you’ve all the time in the world to spend hours in beauty salons to get that perfect manicure neither you mind spending a bomb on your hair care and beauty products and hair spas including so many other things to make your hair and skin look amazing, but when it comes to your vaginal health,  you become ignorant and act so carelessly. Not cool at all.

Happy vagina

You can always bank on your vagina when it comes to your pleasure ( you know what we mean here, right), besides,  it bleeds 5 days every month, don’t you think all of this make your special lady part entitled to  some extra care and attention and doesn’t deserve to be ignored at all.

While most of us fail to pay attention to it, almost all of us are guilty of doing some random things that can really mess with the health of your vagina. For instance, wearing too tight underwear. If you’ve ever wore a really tight underwear or if you’re wearing one right now, you would know it not only makes you feel uncomfortable but it also makes things worse down there.  And, not just that, the way you wipe down there can also be one of the reasons that cause harm to your genitals.  

Here are five biggest enemies that are ruining your vaginal health

That tight thong is making your vagina uncomfortable

There is no denying that tiny thongs look sexy but are they really good for your vagina? Well, the answer is no, tight panties can result in chafing of the skin and may also irritate your vagina. Besides, when you get sweat down there, your underwear becomes a dream home for bacteria and yeast. It also increases your chances of getting infection. What happens is your tight underwear constricts your vagina from breathing, which blocks the easy of passage of air, thereby, making it party time for the bacteria flourishing down there.

You have been wiping in the wrong direction

Never given much thought to it? Well, you may want to do that now onward as the way you clean your butts can really affect your vaginal health. So, if you’re in the habit of wiping from back to front, you need to stop. Wiping it from back to front causes bacteria from the rectum to transfer to the tissues and then to your vagina. Also, make sure you don’t use the same tissue to clean your butt and vagina.

You’re not using good detergent for your delicates

Just like you can’t wash your expensive dress in any detergent, you got to be careful when it comes to washing your delicates. Your undergarments have a lot of sweat and bacteria, once you take them off, right? Thus, it is important to wash them with the right detergent to eliminate the junk hanging around in them.  Use a hypoallergenic powder to wash them--it will not only make your panties whiny clean but will also eliminate the presence of any annoying bacteria.

You keep sitting for too long

You may have heard taking frequent breaks during work is important for your mental health, turns out it’s good for your vaginal health too. Yes, that’s what a study published in Medical Daily has to say, when you keep sitting for long hours, your genital area heats up due to lack of air flow, which leads to more moisture. Now, when this heat is coupled with friction, it causes bacteria to grow. Besides, this may also irritate your skin down there. Just keep getting up after every few hours to stretch your muscles and allow airflow.

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