5 Reasons To Consume Oats As A Breakfast Cereal

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)The fibre in oats is beneficial to your overall health.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Dec 09, 2022 19:19 IST
5 Reasons To Consume Oats As A Breakfast Cereal

Oatmeal is a nutritious breakfast option that is high in complex carbohydrates including fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It can also be served with nutritious toppings such as nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Furthermore, oats are naturally gluten-free, making them a healthy source of carbohydrates for persons with special dietary needs, such as those with celiac disease. However, certain oats may still contain traces of gluten, so always check the label.

1. Oatmeal Is An Excellent Source Of Fibre

A cup of oats can help you meet your daily fibre requirements. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men under 50 should aim for at least 38gm per day, while women under 50 should aim for 25gm or more per day.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, cooked oatmeal contains around 14 percent of the daily value (DV) of fibre, making it a decent source. As per the Agriculture Department, “A diet high in whole grains and other fibre-rich foods has been demonstrated to protect against cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast, colon, and rectal cancers,” according to a study published in The Lancet in February 2019.

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2. Oatmeal Can Help With Digestive Health

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the fibre in oats is beneficial to your overall health, but it is especially necessary for a healthy digestive system. According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, oats not only supply insoluble fibre, which promotes regularity, but also soluble fibre. According to Oregon State University, soluble fibre sources have prebiotic characteristics

3. Oatmeal Can Aid With Cholesterol Reduction

According to a paper published in Frontiers in Nutrition in November 2019, oats contain a type of soluble fibre known as beta-glucan. Oats soluble fibre has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol.

According to a review and meta-analysis of 58 trials published in the British Journal of Nutrition in October 2016, daily ingestion of beta-glucan was found to lower bad cholesterol compared to control groups. According to the American Heart Association, having high LDL cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease (AHA).

4. A Bowl of Oatmeal Could Aid With Belly Fat Loss

The American Heart Association says that another advantage of oatmeal's soluble fibre is that it may aid in the reduction of visceral fat, which clings to your organs and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke — even if your BMI is considered normal. According to a September 2016 study published in the journal Nutrients, oats helped reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, and weight better than a control group that ate a balanced meal but no oats.

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5. Oatmeal Can Energise Your Body And Boost Immunity

When you eat a bowl of oats in the morning, you're getting B vitamins as well as minerals like manganese, iron, and magnesium.

According to the National institute of Health, oats also give 1.5 mg of zinc, a vitamin required for immunological function.


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