Reasons for Condom Failure

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Oct 04, 2012

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Reasons for condom failure

On an average two to three percent of condoms fail during use. There are many possible reasons for condom failure but majority of them are contributed to human error. Read on for details. [Read: How to use a Male Condom]

  • One of the main reasons for condom failure is improper usage of condom. Incorrect usage of condom include- not leaving half inch space at tip of condom, not unrolling condom till end of penis  and not holding the rim of condom while pulling it off after use. Therefore it is important to follow instructions jotted on the cover of condom packing. [Read:How does a Condom Break?]
  • Another possible reason for condom failure is not using it on time. For extra don’t wait for penetration, instead use condom just before the penis comes into contact with partner’s genitals. Make sure that you use condom every time you have sex.
  • If condom breaks even after proper usage then it has to do with manufacturing defect.  While buying condom you must make sure that it has past manufacturing regulations and tests to check the quality of final product.
  • Condom manufacturers to carry out water leakage tests, which determine if there are holes in the condoms, and air-burst tests, which link a condom's air-burst volume to its resistance to breakage during sexual activity. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, for assured quality, condom must undergo certain quality tests. Water leakage test and air burst test to check its resistance to breakage.
  • A common reason for condom failure is improper size of condom. If condom is large for your penis then it may slip during sex and if it is small then it is more likely to break.
  • Another possible cause of condom failure in use of improper lubricant. If you are using latex condoms then oil based lubricants such as vegetable oils, vaseline and baby oils can weaken the rubber.
  • Don’t store latex condoms in hot places, heat can damage them.[Read: Latex Condom Allergies]
  • Make sure to check the expiry date of condom you are about to use. Post expiration date condoms lose their elasticity. As a result, they can break.



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