Pros And Cons Of Using Menstrual Cups

Many women use menstrual cups instead of tampons and sanitary pads. Here's what you need to know about them. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Oct 28, 2020
Pros And Cons Of Using Menstrual Cups

Nowadays, there are many options available for vaginal hygiene for women. Maintaining personal hygiene includes choosing a wise option during menstruation and keeping the genital area clean. Some women use menstrual cups, while some use tampons or sanitary napkins. Menstrual cups are bell-shaped small cups that are made up of silicone or rubber. The procedure to use it is fold a cup and place it in your vagina. As soon as you insert the cup inside, it opens up against the walls of the vagina. Then, the menstrual fluid pours in the cup. You have to remove it for emptying after a while. 

In earlier times, menstrual cups weren't used due discomfort. However, due to the development in technology and the improved designs have made people adapt the habit of using menstrual cups to maintain menstrual hygiene. In this articles, you will get to know about the pros and cons of menstrual cups to make a wise decision. 

Advantages of menstrual cups 

menstrual cup

Some types of menstrual cups are disposable while some are reusable. It is upto your preference on which one you want to use. Check out these advantages of menstrual cups: 

Don't dry up the vagina

Tampons have a tendency to dry up the vagina. However, that does not happen with menstrual cups. It preserves the healthy bacteria and helps in having a comforting menstrual cycle. 

Eco friendly and inexpensive 

A reusable cup costs very less and is accessible in the markets. In fact, it can last up to many years. A menstrual cup is eco friendly and is very inexpensive. 

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Don't have chemicals

A menstrual cup does not contain any added chemicals for durability. Therefore, they are natural for safe and clean menstrual cycle. 


Eradicates the odor

Your menstrual flow might have a different odor than can make you feel uncomfortable. Interestingly, menstrual cups can even eliminate that odor.

Disadvantages of menstrual cups

If you would like to have a pad or tampon free menstrual cycle then these cups fit just right for you. However, every good thing also comes with various cons too. Here are some disadvantages of using menstrual cups: 


Menstrual Cups can cause irritation just like sanitary napkins. t can cause irritation. But, it is very important to wash your hands before placing your cup and you have to empty it two to three times a day.

Rubber allergy 

rubber allergy

Some people have an allergic reaction to rubber. And, menstrual cups are mostly made up of silicone or rubber. Hence, it is not suitable for those women to use them. The vagina is a very sensitive part of your body and an allergic reaction there can cause discomfort and a long treatment. 

Tough to fit 

Sometimes, menstrual cups can also be difficult to fit. You can easily buy cups in various according to different ps come in different sizes depending on your age, flow, and whether you’ve had a child. Still, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, more so if you have a tilted uterus or low cervix. It can take some trial and error, and you could have leaks in the meantime.

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Messy removal

Another reason why menstrual cups can be a disadvantage is due to messy removal. You need to take it off gently with a wise technique to avoid a difficult and messy removal. 

These were the advantages and disadvantages of using menstrual cups. A menstrual cup doesn't absorb the flow but collects it in the cup. Therefore, you can easily weigh all these pros and cons to make a decision on which one to use during menstruation.

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