Pros and Cons of Egg Diet For Weight Loss

Many people follow egg diet for weight loss but is it really worth it? Let’s find out in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 16, 2022Updated at: Aug 16, 2022
Pros and Cons of Egg Diet For Weight Loss

The world is full of weight loss diets and one of them is the egg diet. This is a lesser-known diet for weight loss as people generally consume eggs to increase protein intake. In an egg diet, you are supposed to eat an egg-loaded meal once a day. The idea of this diet is to increase protein intake while limiting carbs and fats, which is believed to aid faster weight loss without reducing muscle mass. There are numerous variations of this diet that we will discuss in this article along with its pros and cons.

Eggs are loaded with nutrition and so including these in your daily diet are always a good idea. However, following the egg diet is not easy because eggs lack carbs and fibre that can leave you feeling hungry after a couple of hours. In addition to this, you can get bored of eating eggs every day and multiple times a day.

Types of Egg Diet

There are different types of egg diets. Here is a breakdown:

14-Day Egg Diet- In this plan, you can only have three meals a day, one of which has to have eggs. Only three meals and no snacking makes this diet plan a little tough but you might eventually lose a lot, however gradually. Other than eggs, you can have lean proteins in this diet. It is recommended that you consume only hard-boiled eggs for these two weeks.

Egg-Only Diet- This is a mono diet program wherein you are allowed to only eat eggs the whole day. This is indeed a tough and unhealthy weight loss regime.

Medical Egg Diet- In this diet, the person should eat one egg with one slice of bread three times a day. Along with this, you can have unlimited fruits and vegetables but no oil or fat.

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Egg Diet For Weight Loss

Egg Diet: Cons

More than benefits, there are disadvantages of following egg diets.

  • High Cholesterol: Egg yolk has high cholesterol and so, consuming a lot of eggs increases the risk of getting high cholesterol. This is bad for people who have existing cholesterol and high BP issues.
  • Low Fibre: Fibre is essential for digestive health. Eggs lack fibre and  it might interfere with your bowel movements. You may experience constipation and indigestion due to following an egg-only diet.
  • Calcium deficiency: Since dairy is excluded from the egg diet, you are not getting enough calcium. This may lead to calcium deficiency in some people.
  • Poor bone density: If you don’t consume sufficient calcium, you are at a greater risk of reduced bone density. Over time, you might develop heart health problems due to low bone density. This can particularly be catastrophic for women since they have low bone density as compared to men.
Egg Diet For Weight Loss

Egg Diet: Pros

There are a few reasons why an egg diet might be a success for weight loss. One of them is the rich nutritional profile of eggs. These are nutrient-dense and low in calories, which is what you need to lose weight. However, this doesn’t cover up for the rapid weight loss you may experience with this diet plan. That may sound amazing which is why a lot of people follow this diet plan but you are depriving your body of energy and nutrition which this diet lacks.

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