Postpartum Care: Here Are Some Post Delivery Tips And Precautions For New Mothers

A new mother needs to take care of herself after childbirth. Here are some postpartum care tips that a woman can follow. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Jan 03, 2021 22:12 IST
Postpartum Care: Here Are Some Post Delivery Tips And Precautions For New Mothers

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most challenging things a woman has to do. It requires a lot of stamina and consideration of many other factors before entering this new phase of life. In fact, one has to even take pre, during and post pregnancy decisions including post childbirth care of the mother. A new mother gets so invested in the newborn's care that she tends to forget about herself. There are a lot of things that an expecting mother should know about before the due delivery date. Labor pains take out a lot of strength and energy from a woman. It is believed that the pain level during delivery can be extremely high. Therefore, to cope up with teh whole process of delivery, be it normal or cesarian, the mother's loved ones also need to take charge in taking care of her. Read further to know about some post delivery care tips.

Post delivery care tips 

A mother goes through physical, mental as well as emotional stress during pregnancy as well as after delivery for sometime. From constipation to weight loss/gain and sore breasts to frequent mood swings, it is important to handle all such pregnancy related problems. So, here are 5 post delivery care tips to help you: 

1. Take rest 


Do not bring your physical movement to zero, but it is also important to take rest after giving birth to a baby. Doctors recommend proper rest with the baby post delivery. Get as much as sleep possible to get rid of the fatigue and tiredness. It is good if you sleep when your baby sleeps. 

2. Eat healthy 

For baby and the new mother,it is important to consume a healthy nutritious diet. The weight should be optimal for healthy pregnancy and delivery. Along with breastfeeding the infant, a woman also has to think about her own body and it's strength. Having fruits and vegetables that are packed with essential nutrients can be very beneficial for postpartum care. 

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3. Light exercise 

Post delivery workout should not be too intense. A new mother is advised to do light exercise everyday, after childbirth. You can do mild yoga to reduce the sudden weight gain too. You can begin exercising after few days of giving birth. 

4. Take help

It is also important to remember that you can always take help from your family and friends. You should not hesitate before asking or taking help from others. You will surely require physical help to take care of the baby or to run errands. So, ask for the same from the people around you. 

5. Drink enough water 

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is also another post delivery care tip that you should definitely follow. Not having enough water after delivery can even lead to dehydration in a woman's body. 

Post delivery precautions

healthy diet

You can take your gynaecologist's advice before following any tips or precautions for assurance. There are some necessary post delivery precautions that one should take. They are: 

1. Use pads, not tampons 

In the process of lochia, the uterine lining sheds after delivery, and you start bleeding like during menstruation. This may happen for around 6-7 weeks and it can make you an easy target for infections. Therefore, it is suggested to use pads instead of tampons during this time. Pads have the ability to reduce the risk of any infections.

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2. Use warm water to clean yourself 

You should also use warm water to clean yourself. And, if there is a swelling or pain in the vagina, you can use ice packs. Washing it with a gentle hand can also prevent an infection and reduce the difficulty to clean. 

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