Is Tampon A Better Alternative To Sanitary Pads? Know All About Tampons

Tampon is easy to use and also gives freedom of movement. But it is better than sanitary pads, let’s find out in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 28, 2020 18:01 IST
Is Tampon A Better Alternative To Sanitary Pads? Know All About Tampons

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Menstruation is an important process of a female body that every girl goes through. When a girl enters puberty, her body goes through a lot of changes for girl to woman transition. Menstruation or periods is a painful story as it brings in a lot of unbearable abdominal pain and menstrual cramps along with other physical and psychological issues. These last for 3-7 days and vary from woman to woman but these days are extremely difficult. One of the most troublesome part is changing the sanitary napkins often. The thought of getting stained constantly budge your mind and you cannot do anything but go to the washroom every now and then to check upon your clothes.

Although sanitary napkins are accessible and easily available to make your periods easier, there are some even better options. In addition to pads nowadays, there are many more menstrual hygiene products, which can be used during periods. One of these menstrual hygiene products is a tampon, which is very easy and safe to use. But even today, there are many people who have not even heard about the use of tampons. So let us tell you here what a tampon is and how it is used. 

What is a tampon? 


To begin with, let us give you a brief about tampon. Tampons are another alternative to sanitary napkins, which are a small cotton plug. Its size is as much as your finger. It is inserted into the vagina to absorb your periods. The fear of any stains in the tampon is also less. Tampons vary from light blood flow to heavy blood flow, you can choose it according to your need. You can also easily carry a tampon in your bag. 

Using a tampon 

It is quite easy to use tampons but if you use it for the first time, then read the guidelines of use. Here is the step-by-step guide to use tampons. 

  • First of all, wash and clean your hands. Then take out the tampon. 
  • After this, you sit or stand in a comfortable position, so that you can easily insert the tampon into the vagina. 
  • Now take a tampon and insert the tampon in with the help of your index finger ie index finger. Keep in mind that the thread in the tampon is outward. When you push the tampon in, the thread must be out. 
  • After this, when you have to remove the tampon, you slowly pull out the thread of the tampon.

Benefits of tampons over sanitary pads

  • You can easily carry a tampon in the pocket. 
  • Tampon is a good choice for heavy blood flow and it does not make you feel wet. 
  • You can easily run or dance when using tampons. 
  • After applying the tampon, you get a completely relaxed feel, which is not the case with a pad. You do not even know that you have worn some extra.
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Possible Side-Effects Of A Tampon

  • Tampons need to be change frequently. if not done, it can cause severe infections including toxic shock syndrome.
  • Usage of tampon is slightly difficult from a using a sanitary pad. In some women, it has led to pain and discomfort.

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