Post Lockdown Weight Loss Tips By Nutritionist Swati Bathwal

Dealing with a lot of weight gain because of lockdown and sedentary lifestyle? Here’s what can be done to be back in shape 

Swati Bathwal
Written by: Swati BathwalPublished at: Jun 16, 2021Updated at: Jun 16, 2021
Post Lockdown Weight Loss Tips By Nutritionist Swati Bathwal

As the lockdown opens in phases across the country, gyms, pools, parks are yet to be opened and there are many people who have gained weight while sitting at home. While there are people who have actually lost weight, sitting at home, working from home and staying indoors have made people gain weight too. In this article, I, Nutritionist and Dietitian Swati Bathwal, am exclusively discussing some easy hacks to help you lose weight. All it takes is your determination to shed off a few extra kilos.

1# Reset your clock

It is important to reset our clocks. Our heart, lungs and each and every organ of our body runs on a clock. Upto 80% of genes in our liver and our kidneys run on a clock. It is our body's circadian rhythm. That is why a sleepless night can make some people gain weight the next day. Activities like traveling between time zones can make you gain weight. Our gut microbes also have their circadian rhythm and our digestion system too. Bright lights synchronise our external clocks but they don't work on our internal clocks. Our internal clock is regulated through our food. That is why timing of the meals is extremely crucial in weight loss. Our cholesterol synthesis in the body is also regulated by this clock and so are our blood sugars. Just having an erratic meal timing with a difference of 2 hours from the previous day can disturb the cycle and make you gain weight.


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2# Get some natural fat burners

There are 2 types of fats- brown and white fat. Brown fat or the brown adipose tissues and its role is to consume fat calories by generating heat in response to cold. So basically, it is this fat that when activated can help in the reduction of white fat ( which is stored mostly in our bellies). Dried ginger ( about ½ teaspoon a day), ceylon cinnamon ( ¼ teaspoon a day), cayenne pepper ( 1 pinch or ¼ th teaspoon) and black tea, black coffee, green tea can trigger white fat to burn if consumed with a balanced diet.

3# Take natural appetite suppressants

Did you know chia seeds and flaxseed seeds are 2 natural appetite suppressants found in our kitchen cabinet. Just by adding 1 tablespoon of flaxseed powder a day can help you lose inches and reduce weight. The benefit is only with the powder and not with the oil or seeds or capsules/ supplements. Research shows that both chia seeds and flaxseeds suppresses appetite and reduces hunger pangs. Both chia seeds and flaxseeds powder help in weight loss but evidence for flaxseed powder is higher than chia seeds. Add 1-2 tablespoons of powder to chapati, daal or soups or sprinkle on your salads. It is also an excellent way to add fiber and omega 3 in your diet.


4# Take 20 minutes to finish your meal

When we eat 2 hormones - GLP-1 and PYY hormones are released from our intestines to our bloodstream. They travel to the brain to turn on our satiety switch, which means it turns on the switch to tell us we are full. But it has a travel time and it takes approximately 20 minutes. So, if you eat fast and finish your meals in 10 minutes, your brain hasn’t sent out the signal yet that you are full. And you feel hungry again. For example: if you have a bowl of vegetable soup, you eat the vegetables slowly but if you have clear soup with no vegetables, you quickly finish it and you feel hungry and you eat more. And add to this, while we are watching tv or sitting with a bag of popcorn while watching a movie, this could be the reason for us to eat buckets full of popcorn!

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5# Drink water in this perfect way

Drinking water is a trick! If we drink water before a meal, we will be able to eat less. Drinking 2 cups of water just before your meal can reduce your food intake by 20%. If you drink 2 glasses of water just before a meal you will be able to lose weight 44% faster. This is also attributed to the metabolic boost we get by drinking water before our meals. This also helps in the stomach filling effect.

While these are just some weight loss tips for you, remembering the power of walking within the house or even standing and doing household chores. They also help in losing weight

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