Plan your Summer Travel

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Jun 04, 2012

Plan your Summer Travel

Summer is the best time to enjoy a little bit of sun and sweat and get a good tan. Unwind with ease and follow these tips for a memorable summer vacation –


Book in advance


Popular flights sell out quite early in summers, so be sure you have booked your tickets, whether air or train, on time. The major benefit you draw from booking early is getting the best deal on tickets, hotels and car rentals.


Pack Smart

  • Be weather wise and carry summer clothes to your destination. Carry cotton clothes and slip-ons which keep you cool and aren't tight on your skin.
  • Keep your most used items - like moisturizer and medicines - in a hand bag.
  • You are prohibited from carrying weapons and other objects ( i.e. knife) which may be classed as dangerous.
  • Travel light by carrying only essential items. Anything unimportant should be dropped from your travel checklist.


Sun and Sunscreen

  • Sun rays can do uncountable damage to your skin; make sure you carry sunscreen with you.
  • Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before go out in the heat of the day. Reapply it every two hours.
  • If you’re going for a swim then you must reapply the sunscreen as often as possible, because it is likely to wash off.


Keep an eye on your belongings


You are responsible for keeping your belongings safe throughout your stay.

  • Avoid going to crowded places as chances of theft increase.  If you have large amounts of luggage, stay away from large crowds until you have it stowed away in your hotel room.
  • Keep expensive items distributed through your luggage.
  • If travelling in a group maintain strict luggage discipline; keep an eye, if required, on your travelling companions' luggage too.


If keep the above in mind, you increase your chances of a stress-free vacation, eliminating the anxiety related to travel.



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