5 Pilates Exercises That You Can Do With Pilates Ring

Pilates ring is an equipment that is generally used by pilates expert. This can be used to perform various exercises as listed here.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Sep 11, 2021 13:30 IST
5 Pilates Exercises That You Can Do With Pilates Ring

Pilates ring or as it is called the magic ring is a beautiful piece of equipment. This ring is very small and very light-weight to be used for conducting various exercises. Factually, legends say that pilates ring is a magic ring and the half cut barrel is the spine corrector. So, magic ring nowadays is looking very different to what it was before with many variations. This is basically a metal loop with parallel ring on the side. One can use it for the upper body as well as lower body to challenge your existing pilates routine. This is different and less-complicated as compared to other pilates equipment. Thus, you can easily get a pilates ring and do exercises at home. If you do not know how to begin exercising with pilates ring, our expert Vesna Jacob has listed down five easy and effective pilates exercises using pilates ring. Check these out and practice daily to enjoy a full-body workout without going to the gym.

5 Exercises With Pilates Ring

Here are five exercises that expert suggest doing with pilates ring.

1. Chest exercise

Chest exercise with pilates ring

  • Lie on the back on a mat
  • Bend your knees
  • Place the pilates ring above the chest with the elbows bend
  • Breathe in and start with squeezing the ring 10 times above the chest
  • Now, open your fingers and reach out up to the ceiling 

2. Thigh exercise

thigh exercise with pilates ring

  • Place the ring between the inner thighs
  • Squeeze the ring 10-20 times
  • After that, we lift the bottom up squeezing the ring
  • Do bottom up 10-20 times
  • This exercise would work upon your legs as well as inner thighs and glutes

3. Leg Raises and Stretches

exercise with pilates ring

  • First, hook the foot under the ring from the lower part of the ring
  • Now create deep stretch in the hamstrings and the calves
  • Stretch out the lower leg
  • The second part of these leg raises and stretches is lift the hip and lower leg moves up and down
  • Do this 10-20 times

This way, we are also facilitating the stretch as well as working on the leg and core strength

4. Modified push up position

leg exercise with pilates ring

  • This is the modified push up position
  • Place the ring right below the chest bone and stretch both legs out
  • Now, perform push-ups

5. Cross-legged exercise

The last exercise that Vesna Jacob is suggesting to do with pilates ring is the cross-leg exercises.

exercise with pilates ring

  • Just sit cross legged
  • Place the ring in front of you
  • Squeeze the ring
  • Now, place the ring on the side and put it against the hips
  • Now, push it against the side.

These are the five exercises that can be easily done at home using pilates ring. These target all the major muscle groups and if you do 10-20 repetitions and three rounds of these exercises in the same sequence as listed above, you will get a full-body workout. If you are beginner, make sure to consult a pilates expert before starting with the workout. This steps ensures elimination of all the potential risks related to pilates. This is especially for those who have one or the other kind of health issue.

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Images credits- Vesna Jacob