Pamper yourself during Pregnancy

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Apr 14, 2011

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•    Comfortable and loose fitting clothes during pregnancy may not always be boring. However, one could also experiment with form-fitting yet comfortable clothing. Many brands have a maternity line of clothing which are chic and fashionable, go experiment!


•    Invest in good innerwear during your pregnancy. Ample support is needed for swelled up breasts during pregnancy so wear cotton bras with broad shoulder straps and bands. Waistbands in your underwear should not be tight as it may hamper blood circulation, buy a size larger from what you wear.


•    Choose footwear wisely as the hormone named relaxin loosens joints and muscles of the body which make you prone to injury during pregnancy. Wear snug and comfortable footwear which not only provide support but also allow space for normal swelling. Fashionable flats with ankle support, wide heels are good options. Avoid high heels.


•    Wear a maternity belt which provides support to your growing bump, consult your doctor regarding choosing the right one for you.


•    Accessorize your everyday outfit with colorful bags, light jewellery, silver bangles and interesting footwear.


•    Do not forget to keep some time aside for grooming your hair. If hair maintenance is difficult during your pregnancy, go for a short chic hairdo which is fashionable and hassle free.


•    Get yourself pampered every month by indulging in a pedicure and manicure. Doing so will not only make your tips and toes beautiful but will also aid in reducing swelling in the extremities (edema). Pedicure and manicures are light forms of massage which are completely harmless during pregnancy and help in blood circulation also providing relaxation.



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