Vitamin Pills to help you make Babies

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Dec 06, 2011

Vitamin Pills to help you make babies

Pre natal vitamin supplements help women to be twice as more fertile as compared with women who only consume folic acid. Vitamins play a crucial role in the health of the mother and the baby. Vitamins enhance the fertility and folic acid abrogates the chances of giving birth to a baby with serious birth defects.


A recent research was carried out on a sample of 58 sub fertile women; subdivided equally into two groups. One group was administered vitamin pills and the other group was given folic acid. It was observed that women who took vitamins had higher probability to get pregnant juxtaposed to women who received folic acid on a regular basis. A woman was considered pregnant if the foetus had a heartbeat and the pregnancy lasted for 12 weeks. The other variables in this study included a balanced diet chart maintained by the respondents in a diary everyday. These respondents, at the onset of the research, faced issues with their menstrual cycle such as having irregular periods for over a year of being infertile despite repeated trails.


Pregnacare Conception, a vitabotic, inclusive of vitamin B 12, folic acid and iron was given to women in one group whereas the other group depended only on the folic acid supplements to get pregnant. Post the completion of the research in its stipulated time frame, it was witnessed that almost 60% of women who took Pregnacare Conception got pregnant compared with the 25% who took folic acid.


In India, this study is being replicated at a larger level headed by Dr Rina Agarwal, a consultant in gynecology, reproduction and obstetrics at the University of Warwick. This study has unveiled the critical role of vitamin intake during the prenatal stages to positively affect fertility in women.



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