Obesity Linked to Your Time of Eating

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 11, 2012

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Obesity Linked to Your Time of Eating

A new research that was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior found that it is not only the amount of food that one eats causes obesity but also the time at which it is eaten. Some of the previous studies have shown that when mice consumed calories during the inactive period, they gained more weight than when they consumed the same amount of calories during their active periods.

The team of researchers led by Drs. Susanne la Fleur and Andries Kalsbeek at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, wanted to find out how certain components of a particular diet, such as sugar linked to weight gain at different times during the day. To address the curiosity, two groups of rats were given either rodent chow or chow and saturated fat or sugar solution. One of the groups was allowed to eat freely whereas the other group was allowed to eat only during their inactive period. It was found that rats that ate only during their inactive period gained more weight than rats that ate freely. Dr. Oosterman said that while there has been a lot of attention put on the kind of food that one eats, there has been only little attention put on the time when one is supposed to have certain foods.



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