Now, Dental Health Check-Up without Dentist

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Oct 10, 2012

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Now Dental Health Check Up without Dentist

Worried your children may not be using their toothbrush as much as they are supposed to? Well, researchers suggest that a special toothbrush could come to your rescue. A US-based oral care digital health company has developed a toothbrush that connects wirelessly to a cell phone. Connecting the toothbrush to your phone will be identical to the connection established between Bluetooth devices.



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The strokes of the toothbrush, which has come to be called the Beam toothbrush, can be timed by the users and monitored on an everyday basis. As may be assumed, the toothbrush is not electric and therefore, one will have to manually brush his/her teeth. The makers of the toothbrush said that while on an average, a person takes only 46 seconds to brush, he/she is likely to increase the time to at least 2 minutes with the help of a timer.



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The CEO Alex Frommeyer said that the brush works by reacting to the body’s bio-electricity upon which it starts the ticker. The data is then sent to the phone that is connected to the toothbrush, thereby updating the log keeping a check on the progress. The brush is likely to be out in the market by next month and will be priced at $50.


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