New Symptoms Of Long COVID Identified, Chest Pain, Hair Fall, Reduced Virility Among Them

If you are experiencing certain health problem(s) after covid infection, it could be a sign of long covid.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 27, 2022Updated at: Jul 27, 2022
New Symptoms Of Long COVID Identified, Chest Pain, Hair Fall, Reduced Virility Among Them

As per statistics, over 572 million people have got affected by COVID since the outbreak in March 2020. It's been two years and we are still struggling with its various mutations. Full covid vaccination is helping reduce the severity of the infection but long-covid symptoms are still persistent in many people. Earlier, headache, fatigue, respiratory syndrome, chronic stress, and brain fog, were the few long-covid symptoms but now, researchers have identified a set of new symptoms of long covid and some of them are shocking!

As per research published in the journal ‘Nature Medicine’, a team of researchers from the University of Birmingham has found 62 new symptoms of long covid along with certain factors that increase the risk of developing long covid. Initially, people who got hospitalized owing to covid complications were identified to have long covid symptoms but now, a major part of the infected people are showing long-covid signs.

The authors of the study did a detailed analysis on long covid symptoms in the UK. The team took observations of the people and found that most people who have had covid showed 50+ signs of long covid. 

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Newly identified symptoms of long covid

New Symptoms Of Long COVID

Earlier, loss of smell & taste, fatigue, breathing issues, headache, persistent fever, etc. were counted as signs of long covid but now, the list has some surprising symptoms added. These include fever, chest pain, swelling in limbs, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and bowel incontinence to name but a few. These are potentially identified in people after 12 weeks of testing positive for COVID-19.

There are certain factors that are associated with new long covid symptoms. These include younger women, smokers, and obese. Those having any chronic illness are susceptible to these new symptoms the most.

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Scientists are believing that these new symptoms largely depend on a person’s well-being. Healthy people are less likely to suffer from these persistent symptoms. Also, people who developed some kind of complication during the covid recovery period may also potentially suffer from one or more of these long covid symptoms. The spectrum of covid symptoms also depends on the cluster of symptoms that a person experienced during the infection tenure. 

80% of the participants of the study complained of pain, headache, fatigue, etc. While others mentioned mental woes, cognitive decline, brain fog, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.


This research shows that covid can trigger numerous issues. If you have been facing any problem specifically after recovering from covid, you should report it to your doctor. Do not ignore it as it may lead to other health issues.

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